The Dipper

29 October 2015 // Birds //Photography

A dip, a flirt of the tail, – he’s gone! Brown as the stump he now sits on. (Robin Dale) Words and pictures: Mat Bingham Dippers are about the size of a robin and are in fact related to them, their breast is chestnut brown and unlike robins, they have a white bib. Similar to […]

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26 September 2015 // Birds //film

The bird world has been waiting in anticipation for the release of Poached. Thanks to Jo Sinclair for bringing it to our attention. What happens when a boyhood hobby grows into a destructive obsession? Poached reveals the bizarre underworld of illegal bird egg collecting. The film follows convicted egg offenders as they evade an army […]

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Behind the Binoculars

21 September 2015 // Birds //Books

Behind the Binoculars by Mark Avery & Keith Betton Pelagic hardback, 272 pages. Out now Review by Ceri Levy. Where’s the worst place you’ve been birding? Andy Clements (Director of the BTO, the British Trust for Ornithology): I actually can’t think of a worst place! The presence of birds makes everywhere a better place. In […]

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Oswaldo Maciá: Something Going On Above My Head

12 September 2015 // Art //Birds

Dear Caught by the River, I was at Tate Britain yesterday to see the Barbara Hepworth show. Whilst wondering through the building I heard some bird song and thought you and your readers would like this installation. It’s not new but I have never come across the artist before. Here is a a sample found […]

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Away With The Birds Revisited

14 August 2015 // Art //Birds //Music

Extracts from Movement 1 of Hanna Tuulikki’s Away with the Birds A couple of months ago, we announced the digitisation of artist and composer Tuulikki’s ‘Away With the Birds’. We are pleased to be able to share the project in more detail. Illustrations: Hanna Tuulikki. Film stills: Daniel Warren Since 2010, artist and composer Tuulikki […]

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