Bert Jansch’s Avocet

9 February 2016 // Birds //Music

Review by Roy Wilkinson Avian archetypes have regularly featured in folk songs – in songs such as ‘There Were Three Ravens Sat On A Tree’, or ‘I Was A Blackbird’, or ‘Grey Goose’, the latter as sung by Leadbelly and reprised by Nirvana. With this 1978 album, now reissued in beautiful style by Earth Records, British […]

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Orison for a Curlew by Horatio Clare

26 January 2016 // Birds //Books

Orison for a Curlew by Horatio Clare Little Toller, hardback, 104 pages. Out now. Review by Sue Brooks In a previous book (A Single Swallow, 2009) Horatio Clare described himself as a romantic…by which I meant that I believed in the powers of life, beauty and art to bring miracles out of everyday existence. He […]

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The Dipper

29 October 2015 // Birds //Photography

A dip, a flirt of the tail, – he’s gone! Brown as the stump he now sits on. (Robin Dale) Words and pictures: Mat Bingham Dippers are about the size of a robin and are in fact related to them, their breast is chestnut brown and unlike robins, they have a white bib. Similar to […]

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26 September 2015 // Birds //film

The bird world has been waiting in anticipation for the release of Poached. Thanks to Jo Sinclair for bringing it to our attention. What happens when a boyhood hobby grows into a destructive obsession? Poached reveals the bizarre underworld of illegal bird egg collecting. The film follows convicted egg offenders as they evade an army […]

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Behind the Binoculars

21 September 2015 // Birds //Books

Behind the Binoculars by Mark Avery & Keith Betton Pelagic hardback, 272 pages. Out now Review by Ceri Levy. Where’s the worst place you’ve been birding? Andy Clements (Director of the BTO, the British Trust for Ornithology): I actually can’t think of a worst place! The presence of birds makes everywhere a better place. In […]

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