The Barn Owl

17 April 2016 // Birds //Photography

Words and pictures: Mat Bingham My earliest memory of a barn owl was driving home with dad in the winter; we rounded a bend on the lonely fenland road and were greeted by a white ghost hovering above the verge. I was eight years old and can still remember it clearly. White feathers with mottled […]

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10 April 2016 // Birds //On Nature

Words and pictures: Danny Adcock Spring is upon us, meteorologically and astronomically. We may not feel it in the raw winds or the several inches of snow that fell overnight on parts of the North, but it will become more apparent with every passing day, and gather pace like a cavalry charge into the full […]

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Migratory Thoughts in Orkney

9 March 2016 // Birds

A pair of Arctic terns Words and pictures: Steve Sankey At 59° north in the deep mid-winter it’s a good tactical ploy to think of summer. When the gales are reaping their relentless physical and mental toil on our bodies, but the sun is yet to catch up with our hopes and desires, it’s necessary […]

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Raptor: A Journey Through Birds

3 March 2016 // Birds //Books

Raptor: A Journey Through Birds by James Macdonald Lockhart (4th Estate, hardback. 376 pages. Out now and available in the Caught by the River shop.) Words: Sue Brooks It begins with memories: of a great grandfather, the photographer and author, Seton Gordon, whose Golden Eagle books were such an influence on the young Macdonald Lockhart. […]

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Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves – ‘Poached’ Review

28 February 2016 // Birds

Following our coverage of Poached back in September, we are pleased to hear that the film is now available to watch on iTunes, VUDU, Amazon and Google. Jo Sinclair reviews. Picture a nest with a complete clutch of eggs. A human hand reaches in and swipes the lot. The eggs are blown to clear the […]

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