Starlings on the Fen

23 December 2017 // Birds

Matt Gaw goes in pursuit of a seasonal starling display I drove past four starlings on the road to Redgrave & Lopham Fen. Rhinestone-coated ruffians, perched on a telephone wire in a conspiratory gaggle. Black shapes hunched against the pink, mackerel-striped evening sky. It seemed like a sign. An omen. But now I’m here, in […]

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Strange Goings-On Beside the Thames

15 December 2017 // Birds

Katherine Price finds herself besieged by Britain’s ghostliest birds Think of a heron, always alone. Think again. Think of a heron. Hunting in the shallows. Hunched, static, by the waterway. Stalking the gravelly banks of the Thames. On the gable end of the house next door, sizing up my newt-filled pond with a gimlet eye. […]

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The Robin

3 December 2017 // Birds //Books

A seasonal extract from The Robin: A Biography by Stephen Moss, published by Square Peg and out now. It is often said that robins on the continent are far less tame and confiding than their British cousins. Lack suggested that there were good reasons for this: the properties of our European neighbours do not usually […]

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The Caught by the River Book of the Month: November

22 November 2017 // Birds //Books

My House of Sky: The Life of J.A. Baker by Hetty Saunders (Little Toller, hardback, 148 pages. Out now and available here) Review by Sue Brooks Appropriately for November, reading My House Of Sky has been an act of remembrance: a recounting of the eleven years since The Peregrine entered my life on April 15th […]

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The Messenger

16 November 2017 // Birds //Film/TV

Ceri Levy assesses The Messenger: a new film which explores our deep-seated connection to birds, and warns that the uncertain fate of songbirds might just mirror our own The sky is filled…but I know it’s going to change – Bill Evans, avian migration researcher * Su Rynard’s documentary The Messenger sends out a powerful message […]

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