Driftfish: A Zoomorphic Anthology

15 January 2017 // Books //On Nature //On Water

Danny Adcock reviews Driftfish – the new print anthology of essays, fiction and poetry from Zoomorphic: We are living, apparently, in a ‘post-truth’ world; a world in which its most powerful country has elected as its next president a man who doesn’t believe climate change is real, and who has just appointed as his Secretary […]

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The Caught by the River Book of the Month: January

12 January 2017 // Books

The Burning Ground by Adam O’Riordan (Bloomsbury, 208 pages, hardback. Published today and available here in the Caught by the River shop.) Review by Will Burns There is a Jay Farrar song on his (obviously totally underrated) album Terroir Blues called California, which has the apparently throw-away, almost artless chorus in which Farrar repeats or […]

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The Long, Long Life of Trees: Holly

24 December 2016 // Books //Trees

A seasonal extract from The Long, Long Life of Trees by Fiona Stafford: The holly has been admired for its resilient qualities as long as there have been human beings with the capacity to record their views. The Ice Age survivor was celebrated by the Romans, who linked it to the old earth god Saturn, […]

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The Edible City

8 December 2016 // Books //Food and Drink

The Edible City: A Year of Wild Food by John Rensten (Pan Macmillan, hardback, 293 pages. Out now.) Review by Ben McCormick Many years ago when I was first going out with my now ex-wife, she served me a salad that had flowers in it. I must have been unable to hide my sceptical, raising […]

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The Forest Ended – Edward Thomas and The Attempt

6 December 2016 // Books //Film/TV

Adam Scovell introduces his new film, centred on poet, essayist & novelist Edward Thomas: Last year, I adapted a book called Holloway by Stanley Donwood, Robert Macfarlane and Dan Richards into a short super-8 film. I had spent months with the audio playing through my speakers, the words that narrate the film gradually becoming one […]

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