River Diary by Ronald Blythe

26 June 2016 // Books //On Water

River in winter by John Nash. Via Wormingford blog. River Diary by Ronald Blythe Published by Canterbury Press Norwich (2008) Review by Nic Flook River Diary is a collection of Ronald Blythe’s weekly articles for Church Times that dates back to 2005‐2006, the year in which his friend Roger Deakin died. It was through reading […]

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The Swordfish and the Star

25 June 2016 // Books //On Water

The Swordfish and the Star: Life on Cornwall’s most treacherous stretch of coast by Gavin Knight (Chatto & Windus, hardcover, 256 pages. Out now.) Review by Mathew Clayton Martin’s boat is sinking… ‘He knocked the engine out of gear, climbed out of the wheelhouse and waded towards the stern. To clear the net he had […]

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Swifts and Mayflies

23 June 2016 // Books //On Nature

Inspired by Rob Cowen’s ‘Common Ground’ and Charles Foster’s ‘Being A Beast’, Sue Brooks spends the month of May in pursuit of two elusive species Illustration by Philip Henry Gosse in a Victorian edition of Gilbert White’s ‘The Natural History of Selborne’ Oh to be in England – not April this year, although it was […]

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An exchange between Sarah Perry & Amy Liptrot

22 June 2016 // Books //On Nature

After reading each other’s books, Sarah Perry and Amy Liptrot struck up a correspondence. Here they discuss seasonality, noctilucent cloud, and the ethics of nature writing. Sarah Perry by Jamie Drew/Amy Liptrot by Lisa Swarna Khanna Sarah Perry: I want to begin by asking you what seems like rather a childish question; but it’s something […]

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Climbing Days

21 June 2016 // Books

Window of Mr B’s Emporium, Bath, featuring Dan’s climbing kit Climbing Days by Dan Richards is the Caught by the River Book of the Month for June (Faber & Faber, hardback, 385 pages. Available here, priced at £14.99.) Review by Andy Childs In Joe Gould’s Teeth, Jill Lepore’s provocative re-evaluation of the Joe Gould story […]

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