Making Nature: How we see animals

4 December 2016 // Books //Events

Making Nature: How we see animals Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, UK. 1 December 2016 – 21 May 2017 Read the book: Animal Vegetable Mineral: Organising Nature: A Picture Album

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The Caught by the River Book of the Month: December

1 December 2016 // Books

Animal. Vegetable. Mineral. Organising Nature: A Picture Album (Wellcome Trust, hardback, 112 pages. Out today and available here) Review by Lara C. Cory T.S. Eliot understood the profundity of names. In this poem he ponders the naming of cats in an amusing way, but ends his thoughts alluding to the notion of a Name as […]

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Arboreal: A Collection of New Woodland Writing

28 November 2016 // Books //Trees

Arboreal: A Collection of New Woodland Writing, edited by Adrian Cooper, is our Book of the Month for November. (Little Toller, hardback, 326 pages. Out now) Review by Emma Warren Some things are easier to see when you look away. The most interesting pieces in this prodigious collection, then, take a sideways perspective on trees, […]

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Hy Brasil

27 November 2016 // Books //Islands

An extract from The Un-Discovered Islands by Malachy Tallack (Birlinn, hardback, 152 pages. Out now.) In the second of two extracts from his new book, The Un-Discovered Islands, Malachy Tallack tries to unpick some of the myths that still surround one of the most famous phantom islands: The story of Hy Brasil demonstrates a problem […]

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Animal Vegetable Mineral

22 November 2016 // Books

Animal Vegetable Mineral Organising Nature: A Picture Album (Wellcome Collection, hardback, 96 pages. Out 1 December – preorder a copy here) Foreword by Tim Dee Naming comes early on in human development, and came early in our species’ evolution. Language in young children commonly begins with a stab at a noun accompanied by a finger […]

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