Floating: A Life Regained

20 April 2017 // Books

Joe Minhane’s Floating: A Life Regained is out now in hardback via Duckworth Overlook, and is available here. Fellow wild swimmer Keshia Glover gives it a once-over: Travel has long been deemed therapeutic. It provides challenge and reward, giving the traveller opportunity to grow, learn and heal. Floating — the culmination of Joe Minihane’s ‘Waterlog […]

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19 April 2017 // Books

Havergey by John Burnside (Little Toller, hardback, 160 pages. Out now and available here.) Review by Will Burns What is this place? What is in it? What is its nature? How should men live in it? These questions are asked by the American poet Wendell Berry, in his essay A Native Hill. Taken together (and […]

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Diva’s Reading Rundown

8 April 2017 // Books //Magazines

Caught by the River deckhand Diva Harris assesses what’s been sitting on her bedside table this month When I read a book I fall for, I find it very difficult to keep a lid on my enthusiasm. So I’m sorry if I’ve already chewed your ear off about it, but I’ve fallen hard for Eley […]

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The Caught by the River Book of the Month: April

6 April 2017 // Books //Trees

The Long, Long Life of Trees by Fiona Stafford (Yale, paperback, 288 pages. Out now and available here.) Illustration by Clare Curtis Review by Emma Warren Some animals have a highly developed sense of smell. Others have incredible vision. Humans? We have a powerful sense of symbolism. That’s the takeaway from academic and author Fiona […]

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Strange Labyrinth

5 April 2017 // Books //Trees

Strange Labyrinth: Outlaws, Poets, Mystics, Murderers and a Coward in London’s Great Forest by Will Ashon (Granta, hardback, 416 pages. Out tomorrow and available here). Review by Nina Lyon Strange Labyrinth does exactly what it says on the cover. It is, as its title promises, labyrinthine: the various threads of stories wind their way in […]

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