In Pursuit of In Pursuit of Spring

2 May 2017 // Books //Cycling

Or ‘These roads were not built for bicycles’ A recycled commentary by Cally Callomon With extracts from the poem ‘Roads’ by Edward Thomas. The hill road wet with rain In the sun would not gleam Like a winding stream If we trod it not again. Having smugly voiced my disappointment at a recent new edition […]

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From Clapham to The Quantocks: In Pursuit of In Pursuit of Spring

22 March 2017 // Books //Cycling

Dear all, Next week I will be re-creating a bicycle ride the poet Edward Thomas made in 1913 entitled In Pursuit Of Spring. I’ll be doing this on my 1910 Royal Enfield machine using 1910 Ordnance Survey Maps with my colleague Geoffrey Everett-Brown. We plan to end up on the north coast of Somerset by […]

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In Pursuit of Spring

5 June 2016 // Books //Cycling

In Pursuit of Spring by Edward Thomas Introduced by Alexandra Harris Little Toller Books. Paperback. Out now. Reviewed by Cally Callomon Easter 1913: Edward Thomas left his home in London, a town that, even today, has ‘only climate, not weather’, to take to his bicycle and pedal West to meet the forthcoming advance of Spring […]

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