Event roundup

22 February 2017 // Events

Here follows a little roundup of some events we like the look of:

First off, here’s a shameless plug for a happening of our own, taking place next Monday, 27 February, at London’s iconic Horse Hospital. There’ll be poetry, film and…music made in an abandoned French nuclear power station. Tickets are £10 in advance and are available here, along with less scant information about the evening’s proceedings.

Now that’s out of the way, we can make a fuss about some cool things by other people. Photographer William Arnold — creator of the beautiful Suburban Herbarium series, as previously featured on the site — is just one of many guest speakers at SHADOWS II: Natural Transformations, a symposium which will explore the relationship between traditional photography processes and natural transformations. (more…)

Caught by the River & Friendly Records present…

21 February 2017 // Events //Music

Letterpress poster: Nick Hand

Followers of the site will be well aware of our longstanding love affair with Bristol’s Centrespace Gallery. It’s a nice space to put on gigs, and Nick Hand, the man at the helm, is rather nice too. Niceness all around.

Even nicer: we’re teaming up with one of our favourite record shops, Friendly Records, to bring a night of guitar-based magic to BS1. (more…)

Return to The Horse Hospital with Strange Attractor Press

3 February 2017 // Events

Letterpress and design by Nick Hand. Tree lino cut by Hannah Cousins

After a bit of a false start (sorry about that), we’re pleased to announce that our second event at London’s Horse Hospital will take place on Monday 20 March.

The night, which follows the one we’re putting on later this month (with Kate Carr, Ultramarine, Will Burns, Martha Sprackland and Adam O’Riordan), will see our return to the iconic London venue – this time in partnership with Strange Attractor Press.

Strange Attractor began in 2001 as a series of events at the very same Horse Hospital. Since then, they’ve published numerous brilliant works on neglected and esoteric cultural, historical and anthropological themes, by authors such as David Keenan, John Doran (the Quietus) and Tom Bolton, among many others.

Our collaborative March event will feature (more…)

In The Dark x The Grant Museum of Zoology

29 January 2017 // Events //Field Recording

Words and pictures: Diva Harris

Even if, like me, you’re someone who likes taxidermy, finding yourself in a room stuffed wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with long-deceased members of the animal kingdom can take some acclimatisation; not least if said room is steeped in darkness. Last Tuesday, watched by the varnished turtles, jars of iridescent sea mice and countless pairs of wonky glass eyes which line the cases of The Grant Museum, I lent my ears to the good people of In The Dark, and was rewarded with an hour of underwater audio magic.

In The Dark is a collaborative, volunteer-run radio project, which describes itself as ‘a bit like a cinema, but without the pictures’. Having previously held live listening events in London, Bristol, Manchester and Belfast, this ‘Underwater Special’ was a product of their year-long collaboration with the museum, aiming to celebrate the natural world through sound. (more…)

Hebden Bridge Happiness

26 January 2017 // Events

Machpelah Mill. Photo: Diva Harris

We’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who read at – and attended – our afternoon of poetry and prose, which took place at Machpelah Mill of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, this weekend just passed. (more…)