SoundCamp 2016 at End of The World Garden

22 April 2016 // Events


Next week, SoundCamp heads to Cornwall, and we reckon it’ll be bloody brilliant. More info about the project here, and also on the SoundCamp website.

SoundCamp will talk to Emma Warren at Caught by the River Thames on Sunday 7 August.

Caught by the River Thames: Saturday – Lawn Stage

19 April 2016 // Events

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be detailing the daily lineups for Caught by the River Thames, stage by stage. Without further ado, allow wordsmith Roy Wilkinson to tell you everything you need to know about the Lawn Stage acts performing on Saturday 6 August. Ticket information available here.

Regarding the stately, majestic rock music made by this Minnesota trio, BPM might stand for beats per millennium – and their heart-rending sound is every bit as timeless as that might suggest. Over a double-figure album career, husband-and-wife vocalists Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker have established themselves as one of the most wondrous vocal pairings in contemporary music – a post-punk Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. (more…)

Caught by the River Thames – Ticket Info

15 April 2016 // Events

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As you may already be aware, tickets are now on sale for Caught by the River Thames. Thank you to everyone who has already bagged some – but if you haven’t, here’s a comprehensive list of everywhere you can get your hands on them.

For those in London, physical tickets are available from Rough Trade East (Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Ln, E1 6QL) and don’t incur a booking fee. If you’re outside of London but are in possession of a chequebook, you can still avoid a booking fee by sending an S A E and cheque to: Robomagic Live Ltd, RB Building, Portobello Dock, 557 Harrow Road, London W10 4RH.

Tickets are also available from the following outlets (more…)

BE•ONE Live Dates

9 April 2016 // Events //Music

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Following the success of the Nottingham shows, we’re pleased to be able to share the news of two newly announced BE•ONE live performances.

The first is to take place at Shoreditch’s Sonos Studio on May 11. It will be preceded by a discussion on the art and science of field recordings hosted by Joe Muggs, with Wolfgang Buttress and Mira Calix. A very limited number of free tickets are available in advance, and can be found here.

Additionally, BE will play ONE at the first ever Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Bank Observatory on July 24.

These performances come in addition to an already announced show at London’s Fulham Palace on August 6 as part of the inaugural Caught by the River Thames festival.

The immersive soundtrack Wolfgang Buttress’ award-winning beehive installation, BE•ONE is available to stream on Spotify and to buy here from the Caught by the River shop. The Hive moves to Kew Gardens this summer.

Rain & Sea Fog: Melissa Harrison & Amy Liptrot

2 April 2016 // Books //Events

event1 Do you grumble about the rain, or do you see it as a life-giving force of nature? Does a beautiful view always look better in sunshine, or are you swept away by a wild and windy day out?

However the weather makes you feel, it is an ever-present part of our lives – and our literature. The rain, the sun, the wind – these uncontrollable elements shape the landscapes that surround us, and deeply affect us both as individuals and as a nation.

On Thursday 28 April, join longstanding Caught by the River contributors Melissa Harrison and Amy Liptrot as they discuss weather as a meteorological, geological and psychological phenomenon. (more…)