The Bees Arrive at Coventry Cathedral

13 September 2017 // Events

50,000 bees arrive at their new home, in advance of their gig with BE on Saturday 7 October at Coventry Cathedral. Buy tickets here.

Caught by the River & Friendly Records present…

12 September 2017 // Events //Music

Artwork by Nick Hand at The Letterpress Collective.

Buy tickets online here, or save yourself a booking fee and enquire at the counter of Bristol’s own Friendly Records.

Natural Selection at the Former Newington Library

11 September 2017 // Birds //Events

Situated in the former Cuming Museum – a museum founded by a father and son, which was originally home to a collection of natural history and archaeological curiosities – Natural Selection, by father and son Andy Holden and Peter Holden, will take you on an ornithological journey, from the building of nests to the collecting of eggs.

Natural Selection showcases several multi-screen films, a selection of archival material, and Andy Holden’s own collection of found nests. The exhibition spans two floors and captures the multi-sensory oeuvre of birds. ‘A Natural History of Nest Building’, situated on the ground floor, exposes the unscrupulous cuckoo; the artistry of the bowerbird; and the nest as an object in its own right. While, in the basement, ‘A Social History of Egg Collecting’ sheds light on this practice in a changing legal landscape, and the resultant criminal operations after 1954, through a video work ‘The Opposite of Time’ and an installation titled ‘How the Artist Was Led to the Study of Nature’. (more…)

A Good Listening Experience

9 September 2017 // Events

Photo: Vic Phillips

It’s just under a week until team CBTR take to Flintshire for our last festival engagement of the summer – The Good Life Experience, taking place from 15-17 September on the Gladstone estate. As usual, we’ll be boasting a stage jam-packed with talks, poetry, and music, as well as a bookshop stuffed with both newly released and heavily discounted tomes.

We’ve pulled together a mini round-up of auditory delights which highlight some of what’s to be found on our Good Life stage over the weekend (more…)

The Long Player Conversation: Chris Watson and David Attenborough at The British Library

6 September 2017 // Events //Field Recording

On Monday 27 November, long-term collaborators Chris Watson and David Attenborough will come together at The British Library to discuss their shared interests and experiences as sound recordists in the natural world. Unmissable, we reckon.

Tickets are already on sale for British Library members, and go on general release at 11am this Friday. More info available here.