Folk Horror

27 May 2017 // Books //Film/TV

Adam Scovell is a writer and filmmaker who is currently studying for a PhD in music and philosophy at the University of Liverpool. He has been contributing to this site since 2015. His new book, Folk Horror has just been published. Here’s an exclusive extract: Threescore and ten I can remember well: Within the volume […]

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Minute Bodies

18 May 2017 // Film/TV

We’re pleased to share the news that Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith is now available to preorder in the shop, ahead of its release on dual-format DVD/Blu-ray on 12 June in association with the BFI. This meditative, immersive film from Stuart A. Staples and David Reeve is a tribute to the […]

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The Edges of England

16 May 2017 // Film/TV

Michael Smith on his recent series of films, “Stranger on the Shore,” showing at the BFI on the 31st of May: I grew up by the sea, and it never really left me. As the border between our small and increasingly claustrophobic frame of reference and the great unknown stretching off into the blue, there’s […]

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Into the Wind

11 April 2017 // Film/TV //Weather

Tim Dee introduces Into the Wind, a new film in which he stars, and which is to be aired on BBC Four tomorrow evening. Photos by Richard Alwyn. WATCH NOW I spent a couple of days filming last November on the southern shore of the Wash. I was the subject – or rather, I was […]

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To Cane A Trout, 1974

9 February 2017 // Film/TV //Fishing

Please enable Javascript to watch this video From Britain on Film, available on BFI Player

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