In Praise of Fog

9 January 2017 // Landscape //Weather

Words and pictures: Jennifer Lucy Allan Last week I cycled along the coast from Southend to Leigh-On-Sea through a dense fog. On this route I can usually see the Kent coast across the estuary. Sometimes I can make out the metal frames of the gas holders at the power station, and in summer there is […]

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A Process of Reclamation

12 November 2016 // Film/TV //Landscape

A Process of Reclamation from Inside the Outside on Vimeo. This lovely film by Inside the Outside tells the story of the slate quarries of the Lake district and their return to a new landscape. Its soundtrack features Rivertones’ own Kate Carr. Enjoy.

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Barracuda LS520 and Meall Tarsuinn

4 October 2016 // Landscape //Place

Words by Neil Thomson, photographs by David Titlow * Darling, darling, just in case Rivets fail or engines burn I forget the time and place But your flesh was sweet to learn ‘Elegy Just in Case’ – John Ciardi, 1944 * There is an almost universal practice amongst airmen during wartime of leaving a letter, […]

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Along the Outskirts

2 August 2016 // Events //Landscape

‘Banishment, or self-withdrawal, to the margins of the city is a long-standing trope of English history, though it is found in many other cultures. It is there in the fable of Robin Hood, in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in a myriad of fairy stories, as well as in modern horror cinema. What may be […]

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Now Playing

19 July 2016 // Field Recording //Landscape //Music

On heavy rotation in the CBTR office is the new LP from Yann Tiersen, due to be released later this year. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Eusa will be Tiersen’s first ever album of solo piano music, and follows 2014 release ∞ (Infinity). Location is important to everything Yann Tiersen does, and here, he’s taken […]

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