Matt’s Bird of the Week – Jay

24 October 2014 // Matt's Bird of the Week

Jay (in an English Oak) (Garrulus glandarius) Words and picture: Matt Sewell One of the moustachioed Jay’s favourite foods, apart from woodland delicacies such as bugs and brambles, is the mighty acorn. He frantically collects them, hiding them all around his patch. Many are forgotten and eventually germinate and become the forest’s new saplings rather […]

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Matt’s Bird of the Week – Red-backed shrike

26 June 2014 // Matt Sewell //Matt's Bird of the Week

Red-backed Shrike in a Hawthorn Tree (Lanius collurio) Words and picture by Matt Sewell With conker-red wings, club-like beak and a long tail that disguises the fact that they are not much bigger than a House Sparrow – so smaller than their cousin, the great grey Shrike, but every bit as hawk-like and brutal. Their […]

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Matt’s Woodland Bird of the Week

10 June 2014 // Matt Sewell //Matt's Bird of the Week

Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) Words and picture: Matt Sewell Along with roads, public libraries and stinging nettles, the Pheasant was one of many wonderful things that the Romans brought to Britain. So don’t listen to the nonsense put forward by certain members of society who claim that the Pheasant was introduced only for sport – he […]

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Our Woodland Birds

5 June 2014 // Matt Sewell //Matt's Bird of the Week

Matt Sewell’s new book, Our Woodland Birds is published by Ebury Press on 26th June. In this follow-up to Our Garden Birds and Our Songbirds, artist and long time Caught by the River contributor Matt Sewell captures Britain’s unique woodland life with his charming and distinctive illustrations. Featuring an array of enchanting scenes, from bramble-picking […]

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Matt Sewell’s ‘A Crushing Glow’

21 March 2014 // Birds //Events //Matt's Bird of the Week //Music

Caught by the River readers will know artist and illustrator Matt Sewell as a bird enthusiast first and foremost, but he’s also a dedicated and knowledgeable music aficionado and music collector. To channel his second love, the painter of walls around the world and the bird brain behind the bestselling books Our Garden Birds, Our […]

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