The True History of the Dub Step

18 November 2015 // Miscellany

Words and pictures: Cally Callomon My booted foot hits the soaking grass and the water droplets perch on my toe cap like transparent pearls. They do not soak the leather – discolouring it as they usually seep into its tiny pores – they are apart, solitary beads of winter rain. Now is the time of […]

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Folklore Tapes: The Folklore of plants

24 September 2015 // Miscellany

Plant-Lore-Promo from Folklore Tapes on Vimeo. Cures, magic, divination and portents are all connected with the rich variety of available plant life, especially in verdant Britain. This up coming film brings the lore of plants to life with automated organic projection sculptures, narration and improvised sonic accompaniment on hand made instruments. Folklore Tapes

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Making a Clean Breast of It

16 September 2015 // Miscellany

Words and pictures: David Stead I don’t know about you but I can get more bored more quickly in a ‘stately home’ than almost anywhere else on earth – rows of marble busts of the nameless and noseless – 18th century copies of a haul ‘found’ in a brothel in Herculaneum, landscaped gardens – primped, […]

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Return to Shreen Water

12 August 2015 // Miscellany

Words and pictures: Melissa Harrison Does everyone, as an adult, dream of their childhood home? Do we all revisit in sleep the first world we ever knew, seeing again its superficial features that were once such absolutes to us, and are still charged with all childhood’s intensity? I do. I dream that I visit the […]

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Solstice Time Part II

21 July 2015 // Miscellany

A year writing about Oxleas Woods in south east London took Emma Warren somewhere unexpected – to a series of solstice celebrations. Here she concludes her story in the place it all began: Before I knew it, the summer solstice had come around. As usual my good intentions diminished in a rushed gathering-together of what […]

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