A Public Service Announcement

22 June 2016 // Miscellany

Dear readers, In light of the fact that we are upping sticks to Glastonbury this weekend, there will not be a Caught by the River newsletter this week. Service will resume as normal next week, but in the meantime, if you too happen to be gracing the fields of Worthy Farm, make sure you catch […]

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Francis Kilvert’s Clyro

24 May 2016 // Miscellany

Francis ​Kilvert is a fascinating figure who is remembered for his diaries reflecting rural life in the 1870s. Indeed, his diaries are regarded as one of the best portraits of rural Britain at the height of the Victorian era. ​Oliver B​alch turned to these diaries as his guide after he and his family moved from bustling Buenos […]

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147 Tower Gardens, The House That Silenced The City

22 April 2016 // Miscellany //Music

Words and pictures: Luke Turner How few buildings respond to our echoes. We trace patterns across the layers of the city, scattering energy from our interactions among trails of microscopic particles, hair and skin cells, a slipstream for forensics. Much as we might ascribe memories or sentiment to place, few can dissolve from brick and […]

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Smala og Slátur – ‘The Gathering and The Slaughter’

12 April 2016 // Miscellany

Sarah Thomas is currently writing a memoir about the time she spent living in remote northwest Iceland, where she was involved with a family of sheep farmers. In the following extract, she recounts her participation in the annual round up and slaughter. The summer has been silenced. Outside the sheep house the snow is deep […]

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The Last Blacksmith

8 April 2016 // Miscellany

Part 4: Future and Past Dad working on a horseshoe, circa 1980s Words and pictures: Ron Hewit Sometimes I imagine how life would have turned out if I’d taken over from my dad and become the village blacksmith and farrier, carrying on the family tradition, the sixth generation of Hewits to work with hot metal […]

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