A postcard from Sue Brooks

16 July 2017 // Miscellany

It had taken much longer than usual to get there because most of the approach roads were closed and as I reached the carpark I could hear drumming. DRUMMING in a small Welsh town on a Sunday afternoon. Two fire engines in the main street and a pre-war double decker bus; further back, under the […]

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Caught by the Canberra Part 2

21 June 2017 // Miscellany

By Peter Papathanasiou It’s been nineteen months since I last wrote for Caught by the River. It’s no coincidence that my son is also nineteen months old. It’s been a joyous but expectedly busy time. Today, we’re going for a walk through the Australian bush. I’d done the same thing with his mum nineteen months […]

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A Journeyman Update

31 May 2017 // Miscellany

As you may’ve seen over on our Instagram yesterday, we’ve been receiving some rather special snail mail from our old pal Nick Hand. Each of these beautiful letterpress postcards is a product of Nick’s Journeyman project, which sees him cycling around the UK in pursuit of fellow artisan makers. You can read more about that […]

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Journeyman: An Adventure in Print

24 April 2017 // Miscellany

Nick Hand, the Bristol-based letterpress artist, was introduced to us by the writer Richard King back in July 2009, just before he mounted his bike and cycled around the coast of the United Kingdom. We got to know Nick as he made his journey – documented with great style in a book titled Conversations On […]

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About Clouds

22 April 2017 // Miscellany

Sky & Trees A story by Joe Devlin. Pictures by David Mackintosh. Today I recalled the day we sat together and spoke about clouds. I think you’d been reading up on them and wished to share your new found knowledge in this area of independent research. I remember you pointing up at one and estimating […]

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