Caught by the Canberra Part 3

17 September 2017 // Miscellany

By Peter Papathanasiou Having walked up the mountain’s fire trail with my toddler son, we finally reach the turnoff for our destination. It takes some convincing to coax him to follow me along the single track veering off to our left. He’s now fascinated by a termite mound; the larger trees in the Australian bush […]

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Getting Lost in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

8 September 2017 // Miscellany

With original music by Darren Hayman, Let’s Get Lost is a new app which allows you to take a self-guided sound walk in an inner city wilderness. Simply download the free app from iTunes, bring headphones and get lost in forgotten voices and hidden layers in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, a little-known gem in London’s […]

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Towards The Lodge

28 August 2017 // Miscellany

A short story by Joe Devlin. Pictures by David Mackintosh. A lone bespectacled spectator stands on the Victorian veranda, his paunch pushing into the surrounding waist high wrought iron fencing, it provides him with an elevated view of the football game taking place on the field below. His gaze shifts, he studies the red brick […]

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A postcard from Sue Brooks

16 July 2017 // Miscellany

It had taken much longer than usual to get there because most of the approach roads were closed and as I reached the carpark I could hear drumming. DRUMMING in a small Welsh town on a Sunday afternoon. Two fire engines in the main street and a pre-war double decker bus; further back, under the […]

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Caught by the Canberra Part 2

21 June 2017 // Miscellany

By Peter Papathanasiou It’s been nineteen months since I last wrote for Caught by the River. It’s no coincidence that my son is also nineteen months old. It’s been a joyous but expectedly busy time. Today, we’re going for a walk through the Australian bush. I’d done the same thing with his mum nineteen months […]

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