The Leaving of St Kilda

27 September 2016 // Music //Poetry

Close your eyes and listen…The Leaving of St. Kilda. Music by Alasdair Roberts, poetry by Robin Robertson. From the 2014 LP Hirta Songs. With thanks to the Myth & Moor blog for leading us here.

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Now Playing

23 September 2016 // Music

The return of The Memory Band. London show, 25 November, now on sale.

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The Dockworker’s Dream / The Hustle

21 September 2016 // Film/TV //Music

The gorgeous piece of music in this film clip is ‘The Hustle’, from the forthcoming LP by Lambchop. We posted the track on the site a few weeks ago. I’ve listened to it nearly every day since, and I still smile when I forget who I’m listening to and then remember that it’s Lambchop (usually […]

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BE – Blue Lullaby

19 September 2016 // Music //Rivertones

Following two exclusive plays on Mary Anne Hobbs’ 6Music show this weekend, we’re happy to announce the new BE track ‘Blue Lullaby’, released today on Rivertones. Brand new from the collective behind the critically acclaimed album ONE, ‘Blue Lullaby’┬áincorporates previously unheard vibrational signals from the European honey bee – believed to be female worker bees […]

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Brand new track from BE

15 September 2016 // Music //Rivertones

Good news! There’s a brand new track from BE and it’s being released on Rivertones next Monday, 19 September. More information to follow next week, but ahead of its release you can hear the track played exclusively on Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC 6Music show this weekend (both Saturday and Sunday.) Keep your ears peeled: you’re […]

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