Caught by the River at The Horse Hospital

7 December 2016 // Events //Field Recording //Music //Poetry

Letterpress and design by Nick Hand. Rook lino cut by Hannah Cousins A date for your new calendar: Monday 27th February 2017 We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting a series of events in one of the capital’s most interesting arts spaces early next year. The first evening features: – Kate Carr (I Had […]

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Outlandish Rites in Arcadia – an unreliable account

27 November 2016 // Music

Memory Band founder-member Stephen Cracknell visits the landscape which provided the inspiration for their new LP, A Fair Field: A train to Salisbury, then off into the countryside on a bicycle. ‘The Romans, indeed, habitually travelled from Old Sarum to Dorchester via the vale of Chalk. But no modern traveller, save, perhaps, a stray commercial […]

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BE: One Plus

25 November 2016 // Music //Rivertones

One of our real highlights of the year has been our involvement with BE and One and The Hive. From the record release, to the live shows, to the opening of The Hive at Kew’s Royal Botanical Gardens, the whole thing has been an inspiration. As the year draws to a close and the critics […]

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Jocund Din: The Pop Group

18 November 2016 // Music

Jocund Din: Tim Dee on forty years of The Pop Group “For how much longer can we tolerate mass murder?” It still seems to me extraordinary that it was possible to dance, as I did in the late 1970s, in front of a band of young musicians led by a lanky loudmouth howling these words […]

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17 November 2016 // Music //Remembrance

Photographs taken by Tracey Moberly Words by Bill Drummond There seems to be a new world order in the making. It’s Remembrance Sunday – time to take stock. To this end I have taken myself out of London into Epping Forest. Autumn is at its most glorious. I want to lose myself in the trees. […]

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