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1 May 2016 // Music

Kevin Morby Singing Saw LP out now on Dead Oceans.

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Two Novels by Jeb Loy Nichols

28 April 2016 // Books //Music

In addition to the above, allow us to take this opportunity to remind you of the existence of our new mixtape, compiled of the Jeb’s Jukebox archive. The first of many of these mixes is currently streaming over on our Mixcloud page. Jeb on Caught by the River

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Imarhan: Album Review

28 April 2016 // Music

Imarhan’s self-titled debut album is out tomorrow via City Slang. Emma Warren reviews. Imarhan’s debut album is packed with what you might describe as slow-burn Saharan space jams. The Algerian six piece are amped and energetic live, all jeans and t-shirts and tousled curls, but the performance and production of this record is the restrained […]

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147 Tower Gardens, The House That Silenced The City

22 April 2016 // Miscellany //Music

Words and pictures: Luke Turner How few buildings respond to our echoes. We trace patterns across the layers of the city, scattering energy from our interactions among trails of microscopic particles, hair and skin cells, a slipstream for forensics. Much as we might ascribe memories or sentiment to place, few can dissolve from brick and […]

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The Hive at Kew: A Work in Progress

20 April 2016 // Art //Music

Photo: Jason Burke Following the announcement that Wolfgang Buttress’ multi award-winning Milan Expo pavilion ‘The Hive’ will move to Kew Gardens this year, we’re pleased to report that construction is well underway. Once completed, the 17-metre structure will be lit by hundreds of LED lights and soundtracked by BE•ONE – the first ever Rivertones LP, […]

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