He Who Feeds The Raven – an unreliable account.

21 May 2017 // Music

Words and video: Stephen Cracknell The gallows hardly looked big enough to take a grown man’s weight, under a skylight in one of the back buildings of Oakham museum the timbers seemed too slender for the gruesome work they had carried out. But there they stood, survivors from history. The very gallows upon which John […]

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Luke Sital-Singh – Slow Makers

12 May 2017 // Art //Music

Over the last couple of years, Bristol-based singer-songwriter Luke Sital-Singh has become increasingly interested in and inspired by the growing community of people in the UK who are reviving traditional craft techniques. This has resulted in a string of short films which Luke has made with various so-called ‘Slow Makers’ in their workshops up & […]

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Now playing: Start Running

8 May 2017 // Music //Port Eliot Festival

Woah…proper cosmic business from The Comet Is Coming, one of the stars of our Saturday night at this summer’s Port Eliot festival. You can see our full lineup here.

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Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: Best Troubador

7 May 2017 // Music

Photo: Jessica Fey/Courtesy of the artist Best Troubador, a collection of Merle Haggard songs as reimagined by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, is out now and streaming via NPR. Tim Tooher reviews: Merle Haggard was country music. I don’t mean that in the sense that there are or have been no other artists of his stature in […]

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Great Monk Woods to Baldwins Pond Pt 1

25 April 2017 // Field Recording //Music

Dear Caught by the River, This is the first track from the forthcoming Spaceship album; a prospect of loughton brook (release date 12th May 2017). The music on this album was composed using extensive field recordings from Loughton Brook, a small stream in Epping Forest. Following the stream’s course from its source near Wake Valley […]

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