Modern Studies: Swell to Great LP trailer

14 September 2016 // Music

Modern Studies, – featuring in their number longtime Caught by the River friend and contributor Rob St John – release their debut LP Swell to Great later this month. This LP trailer, shot on a shonky Super 8 camera, contains scenes familiar to a lot of our readers, filmed as it was at this summer’s […]

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Caught by the Reaper: Prince Buster 1938-2016

10 September 2016 // Music //Remembrance

Prince Buster is a big deal to me. I’ve listened and danced to his music for well over forty years now. As with his fellow countryman Lee Perry, it’s just always been there. Music how I like it: rhythmic, exotic, rebellious. He died this week and the tributes have been pouring in (unsurprisingly I found […]

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Notes From A Musical Island at The Good Life Experience

9 September 2016 // Events //Music

Laura Barton’s Radio 4 series Notes From A Musical Island looked at the way that landscape can shape and inspire music and musicians, from instrumentation to rhythm and lyrics. In a live version of the programme taking place on the Caught by the River stage at The Good Life Experience next Saturday Laura has invited […]

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The Lost Village of Clicket: Trailer

7 September 2016 // Folklore //Music

Further to our post dated 16 August, The Lost Village of Clicket, the latest release from Folklore Tapes is out now. Find it in the Folklore store.

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Now Playing

4 September 2016 // Music

Laura Cannell blows my mind. Here’s a track from her forthcoming LP Simultaneous Flight Movement which is released on 21 October. Pre-order a copy today directly from Laura’s label Brawl Records. (JB)

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