Folk Song in England

9 September 2017 // Books //Music

Folk Song in England by Steve Roud, with chapters by Julia Bishop (Faber & Faber, hardback, 767 pages. Out now and available here.) Review by Cally Callomon One may argue that there is no place for taxonomy in matters as fluid as music, but our author, here, is the creator of the Roud Folk Song […]

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Now playing

4 September 2017 // Music

yr heart by Hand Habits “I thought I saw a falling star go flying past the tree line and start a fire in my backyard…” Something new and very gorgeous from Hand Habits. Super limited 7″ available here.

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The Green Line

3 September 2017 // Music

The Green Line by Gilroy Mere is a forthcoming release on Frances Castle’s ever wonderful Clay Pipe Music. It can be found in all good record shops and across the usual digital platforms from 15 September. Learn all about The Green Line from its creator Oliver Cherer (AKA Gilroy Mere):

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Toby Hay: The Gathering

2 September 2017 // Music

(Cambrian Records, out now) Review by Andy Childs Despite the significant shift in the way we listen to and ‘consume’ music nowadays, one thing has remained unalterable – the sheer joy and thrill of ‘discovering’ a brilliant new artist or record that re-affirms your faith in music, and gives you the rush of pleasure and […]

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Grant & I: Inside and Outside The Go-Betweens by Robert Forster

25 August 2017 // Books //Music

Grant McLennan, left, & Robert Forster Grant & I: Inside and Outside The Go-Betweens by Robert Forster (Omnibus Press, paperback, 352 pages. Out now) Review by Kevin Pearce Grace is the word that immediately springs to mind reading Grant & I. It is a book full of grace, leading on to being graceful and gracious. […]

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