Suburban Herbarium

27 June 2016 // On Nature //Photography

Diva Harris talks to William Arnold about his 21st century homage to Victorian botany. Yellow Archangel (Lamium gleobdolon) William Arnold is a photographer living in Cornwall. Having chanced upon a copy of his Antler Press photo book some time ago and following him on Twitter, I began to notice the fruits of his latest labour, […]

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Swifts and Mayflies

23 June 2016 // Books //On Nature

Inspired by Rob Cowen’s ‘Common Ground’ and Charles Foster’s ‘Being A Beast’, Sue Brooks spends the month of May in pursuit of two elusive species Illustration by Philip Henry Gosse in a Victorian edition of Gilbert White’s ‘The Natural History of Selborne’ Oh to be in England – not April this year, although it was […]

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An exchange between Sarah Perry & Amy Liptrot

22 June 2016 // Books //On Nature

After reading each other’s books, Sarah Perry and Amy Liptrot struck up a correspondence. Here they discuss seasonality, noctilucent cloud, and the ethics of nature writing. Sarah Perry by Jamie Drew/Amy Liptrot by Lisa Swarna Khanna Sarah Perry: I want to begin by asking you what seems like rather a childish question; but it’s something […]

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Foxes Unearthed

30 May 2016 // Books //On Nature

Illustration taken from Issue 2 of Country Bizarre magazine Foxes Unearthed: A Story of Love and Loathing in Modern Britain by Lucy Jones (Elliott & Thompson, 256 pages, hardback. Out now and available here in the Caught by the River shop.) Review by Diva Harris As I walk home from work at dusk, I am […]

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Complete Lifestyle

23 May 2016 // On Nature

Words & pictures by Melissa Harrison. For year after barren, deskbound year, May’s lush cow parsley and riotous birdsong, horse chestnut candles and emerging butterflies passed me by. In fact, spring itself passed me by for much of my twenties – as did the seasons in general, and all the rhythms of the natural world. […]

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