Foxes Unearthed

30 May 2016 // Books //On Nature

Illustration taken from Issue 2 of Country Bizarre magazine Foxes Unearthed: A Story of Love and Loathing in Modern Britain by Lucy Jones (Elliott & Thompson, 256 pages, hardback. Out now and available here in the Caught by the River shop.) Review by Diva Harris As I walk home from work at dusk, I am […]

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Complete Lifestyle

23 May 2016 // On Nature

Words & pictures by Melissa Harrison. For year after barren, deskbound year, May’s lush cow parsley and riotous birdsong, horse chestnut candles and emerging butterflies passed me by. In fact, spring itself passed me by for much of my twenties – as did the seasons in general, and all the rhythms of the natural world. […]

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Foxes Unearthed: An Extract

19 May 2016 // Books //On Nature

From Foxes Unearthed: A Story of Love and Loathing in Modern Britain. Out today and available from the Caught by the River shop, priced at £14.99. Words: Lucy Jones In a scene from a French manuscript from the end of the thirteenth century or the first quarter of the fourteenth century, a fox stands on […]

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10 April 2016 // Birds //On Nature

Words and pictures: Danny Adcock Spring is upon us, meteorologically and astronomically. We may not feel it in the raw winds or the several inches of snow that fell overnight on parts of the North, but it will become more apparent with every passing day, and gather pace like a cavalry charge into the full […]

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Kurt Jackson – Bees (and the odd wasp) in my bonnet

28 March 2016 // Art //On Nature

Bees bumbling around the kitchen table. 2014. Mixed media on paper. In an exhibition which has just opened at Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Kurt Jackson is showcasing new work which celebrates the importance and diversity of bees. Acknowledging the dangers faced by British bees, Kurt Jackson has spent the past few years exploring […]

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