Summer’s Song

10 June 2017 // On Nature

Words and pictures: Danny Adcock The heat has been building all afternoon, flooding up on a soft, warm wind from the South which the swifts have been riding like screeching locomotives on tracks in the sky. Above their black silhouettes, falling ice crystals form fair-weather cirrus clouds into letters of intricate calligraphy. In the garden, […]

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Cutlers Rough, Part 3

5 June 2017 // On Nature //Photography

Words and pictures: Mat Bingham It hasn’t rained for weeks. The earth is cracked, set hard like cement. Earthworms lie deep below the surface where it’s damp, too deep for badgers to dig out, so they stay in their sett and wait, sleeping. For the last couple of months I have put food out once […]

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In Search of the Glanville Fritillary

24 March 2017 // On Nature

Sue Brooks delves into the history of butterfly collecting, and goes in search of an increasingly rare species February 2nd and I’m following Geoff Martin down twisting staircases and narrow corridors in the bowels of the Natural History Museum. Another chapter in a fascination with one particular butterfly – the Glanville Fritillary – which started […]

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Driftfish: A Zoomorphic Anthology

15 January 2017 // Books //On Nature //On Water

Danny Adcock reviews Driftfish – the new print anthology of essays, fiction and poetry from Zoomorphic: We are living, apparently, in a ‘post-truth’ world; a world in which its most powerful country has elected as its next president a man who doesn’t believe climate change is real, and who has just appointed as his Secretary […]

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Cutlers Rough, Part 2

20 September 2016 // On Nature //Photography

Words and pictures: Mat Bingham Cutlers Rough has absorbed a lot of my time and energy this year. Other photography projects put on hold, but that is the way of things. Every year I sketch out ideas in a journal I keep. It’s rare that I stick to them, thoughts put to paper, incomplete, unrealised. […]

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