10 April 2016 // Birds //On Nature

Words and pictures: Danny Adcock Spring is upon us, meteorologically and astronomically. We may not feel it in the raw winds or the several inches of snow that fell overnight on parts of the North, but it will become more apparent with every passing day, and gather pace like a cavalry charge into the full […]

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Kurt Jackson – Bees (and the odd wasp) in my bonnet

28 March 2016 // Art //On Nature

Bees bumbling around the kitchen table. 2014. Mixed media on paper. In an exhibition which has just opened at Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Kurt Jackson is showcasing new work which celebrates the importance and diversity of bees. Acknowledging the dangers faced by British bees, Kurt Jackson has spent the past few years exploring […]

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The Bee and the Damson Tree

23 March 2016 // On Nature

Horned mason bees shortly after emerging from the bundle of hollow elder twigs. Photo: Andreas Groeger Words: Katherine Price After a wet mild winter like this one, it’ll be hard to say when spring is really here. So many signs, those precious iterations. By contrast there’s a place I know where spring arrives definitively on […]

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January Gales in Orkney

30 January 2016 // On Nature

Eastside surf. Photo: Sarah Sankey Words: Steve Sankey. For weeks now the islands have been lashed by southerly gales, sometimes with a touch of easterly, or conversely with a touch of westerly. No matter, the sandstone cliffs of the archipelago take their punishment anyway, along with we locals and any hardy livestock still outside. There […]

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The Caught by the River Book of the Month: November

22 October 2015 // Books //On Nature

The Cabaret of Plants: Botany and the Imagination by Richard Mabey Profile Books, hardback, 386 pages. Out now. Review by Melissa Harrison I was going to begin this review by listing Richard Mabey’s previous publications, but given that there’s somewhere between twenty and thirty I’ll let you look up his full back catalogue. My favourites […]

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