Caught by the Los Angeles River

19 January 2018 // On Water

Jamie Collinson paints a picture of the LA River in all its greenery, grot and glory In 1939 the LA river became inconvenient. Railyards, warehouses and other industrial buildings were springing up around it fast, and it would have been far easier to build them without the meanders. This was the time of the New […]

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River Man

11 September 2017 // On Water

Editor’s note: This piece was originally posted on the site in December 2008. It seemed like we’d been going for ages back when Hannah approached us, but really, she was one of the first unpublished writers to find us. When the piece arrived, we were understandably mindblown. Back then, most of our contributors were friends, […]

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Cot: A Cornish Valley

8 September 2017 // On Water

The Jackson Foundation celebrates the first anniversary of its extension with a stunning new Kurt Jackson exhibition. The artist talks us through his inspiration for the works: All along the north coast of Cornwall are a series of steep-sided valleys cut into the coastal plain, each channelling a stream down to the sea. St Just […]

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Caught by a Stolen River

5 September 2017 // On Water

Whitehall Words and pictures: Charles Rangeley-Wilson It’s hard to be caught by a river if you can’t find the river. On my Dante-esque tour of Home Counties chalk streams earlier this summer, very few were flowing at all. Those few that had water in them were really only insipid ghosts of rivers. Back in 1995 […]

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Afloat on Shreen Water

4 September 2017 // On Water

Words and pictures: Melissa Harrison Sometimes words come easy; sometimes they don’t come at all. Sometimes – not often – I know what I’m going to write, or think I do, and all that remains is to get it down; more often, the blank page produces only avoidance and procrastination. I’ve written about Shreen Water […]

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