Driftfish: A Zoomorphic Anthology

15 January 2017 // Books //On Nature //On Water

Danny Adcock reviews Driftfish – the new print anthology of essays, fiction and poetry from Zoomorphic: We are living, apparently, in a ‘post-truth’ world; a world in which its most powerful country has elected as its next president a man who doesn’t believe climate change is real, and who has just appointed as his Secretary […]

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A tale of two rivers

22 November 2016 // Film/TV //Fishing //On Water

To coincide with the launch of Fallon’s Angler Issue Eight, photographer Nick Fallowfield-Cooper caught a glimpse of the angling worlds of Paul and Tim, who have both spent a lifetime immersed in their respective rivers: The Great Ouse and the Wensum, in the county of Norfolk. Their contrasting stories, penned by editor Garrett Fallon, unfold […]

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The Edge Of Autumn October 17, 2016

29 October 2016 // On Water

Words and pictures: Sarah Mason This was originally published on Sarah’s blog. Thanks for allowing us to repost. * ‘Turn left at the bins’. I remembered this instruction given by my aunt and uncle 10 years previously. It seemed like we’d been driving too far on the single track road out of Newton Stewart. But […]

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The Quaggy & its Tributaries

28 October 2016 // On Water

Map of the Quaggy, drawn by Ken White. The Quaggy & its Tributaries is a page you can find on the Running Past blog, a site which reflects its author’s passions: running and South London local history. As you have probaly gathered from the title of the blog, The Quaggy is a river in the […]

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Estuary ’16 – Tales from the Riverbank

25 September 2016 // Events //On Water

Luke Turner samples some of the delights on offer at Estuary Festival ’16: From the cocoon of transport the landscape of the Thames Estuary appears in two dimensions. I recently flew down the twin narrowing shorelines on a flight from Germany. As it descended into Gatwick, mudflats and industrial sites sank into the late summer […]

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