How to Read Water: an extract

27 April 2016 // Books //On Water

An extract from Chapter 5 of How to Read Water, published by Sceptre and out now. Available here in the Caught by the River shop, priced at £15.00. Words: Tristan Gooley ‘Are you OK?’ the short parking attendant asked from above her machine, which was more kindness than this species had shown to me in […]

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Subdividing: A Tale of Two Rivers

16 April 2016 // On Water //Travel

Words and pictures: Liz Evans Last month the neighbouring farmer told us he was going to sell off his paddock. He plans to carve up the big swathe of field next door into little residential plots so tree-changers can fund his retirement. Soon, 28 acres of riverside pasture, some of which hugs my garden, will […]

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The Book That Changed Me

17 March 2016 // Books //Fishing //On Water

Alec Connon discusses what inspired him to write about the plight of our marine life in his first novel, ‘The Activist’, out tomorrow via Ringwood Publishing. It was reading Peter Heller’s Whale Warriors that I came across the following paragraph: “The World Wildlife Fund recently announced that the world’s fish stocks are on the verge […]

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Walking the River Don

11 March 2016 // On Water //Walking

DonDeeTree by Roddy Mathieson. Prints available from Tayberry Gallery Words: Ruth Tauber We stepped out of the garden, walked the hundred metres to the first bridge, and instead of following the road, went to the river. My dad and stepmum, their little black dog, my sister, her partner, her baby and me. Together we left […]

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The Chalk Streams of Norfolk

16 February 2016 // On Water

Allow us to bring to your attention this short film from Norfolk Rivers Trust. Norfolk’s chalk streams, and the ecosystems which rely upon them, are being threatened by over-abstraction. NRT are fighting back. The Chalk Streams of Norfolk with Stephen Fry from Relevant Films on Vimeo. Get involved.

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