Vote for a Reedbed

17 February 2017 // On Water

Reedbeds greatly benefit rivers, increasing biodiversity and habitats for wildlife, whilst also acting as a natural filter and removing pollutants from the water. Thames21 is asking the public to choose the location of five new reedbeds for London’s River Lea Navigation as part of their ‘Love the Lea’ programme, which aims to improve the water […]

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Hidden Rivers of Sheffield

12 February 2017 // On Water

Words: Simon Ogden If Sheffield residents were curious about the existence of hidden rivers coursing beneath their feet they could head to an unlikely place to check one of them out last week – the car park of Decathlon on Eyre St on the edge of the City Centre – and many did! Although the […]

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The Naked Shore of the North Sea

31 January 2017 // Books //On Water

The Naked Shore of the North Sea by Tom Blass (Bloomsbury, paperback, 320 pages. Out now.) Review by Mathew Clayton “I set out to write a book about this sea, too often snubbed by writers, derided for its moody lugubriousness, its inclination towards inclemency, damp chilly sands and a decidedly utilitarian aspect when glanced at […]

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Driftfish: A Zoomorphic Anthology

15 January 2017 // Books //On Nature //On Water

Danny Adcock reviews Driftfish – the new print anthology of essays, fiction and poetry from Zoomorphic: We are living, apparently, in a ‘post-truth’ world; a world in which its most powerful country has elected as its next president a man who doesn’t believe climate change is real, and who has just appointed as his Secretary […]

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A tale of two rivers

22 November 2016 // Film/TV //Fishing //On Water

To coincide with the launch of Fallon’s Angler Issue Eight, photographer Nick Fallowfield-Cooper caught a glimpse of the angling worlds of Paul and Tim, who have both spent a lifetime immersed in their respective rivers: The Great Ouse and the Wensum, in the county of Norfolk. Their contrasting stories, penned by editor Garrett Fallon, unfold […]

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