Over The Border #6

26 July 2017 // Over The Border

Words and pictures by Jude Rogers Somehow, out of nowhere, it’s becoming late summer. The stitches of pale, clear lime in the farm fields next door have suddenly become tough cores of corn, their leaves flowering out flamboyantly from the stems, keen invitations for hard hands. The field beyond that is a giddy, golden blonde, […]

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Over The Border #5

2 June 2017 // Over The Border

Words by Jude Rogers Pictures by @monnow_log There were clouds in the valley in this morning, white, low and bright, creating a river of light. The hills rose out of this river – otherworldly and ultraviolet, like snow set alight – as if they were suspended in the air, hovering up to the gods. And […]

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Over The Border #4

13 April 2017 // Over The Border

Words and pictures: Jude Rogers The strip of water that divides the two countries in which I have lived my whole life, at this moment in time, is the River Monnow. At the bottom of the long twisting lane that leads me down from our house to the slow lights on the border, it puddles […]

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Over The Border #3

27 February 2017 // Over The Border

Photo: Daniel Fordham Words: Jude Rogers Spring is coming. You can even see it now at five in the evening, which has suddenly become five in the afternoon, until so recently the beginning of an hour of navy-blue, soupy darkness. Today a storm has been smashing her way around the Monnow valley, racing leaden clouds […]

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Over The Border #2

16 January 2017 // Over The Border

Following her triumphant return to these pages at the end of last year, Jude Rogers continues to chronicle her move to Wales: A year and four months ago, a day after a day of peculiarly wild and relentless summer rain – the kind that bathes your coat, sinks the cotton of your sleeves, drowns your […]

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