Brian David Stevens: Beachy Head

20 March 2017 // Photography

1. THE PHONE BOXES Beachy Head phone box Phone box at Birling Gap Brian David Stevens introduces shots from a series of photographs he took, over a period of 12 months, at Beachy Head

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At Mirrored River

7 March 2017 // Photography

Words and pictures: Enda Bowe The project titled At Mirrored River was inspired by the Gaelic word Teannalach (pron. “chann-ah-lack”). Teannalach is a Gaelic word used in the West of Ireland which means awareness. In particular, it is awareness of that which is intangible and hushed; of being aware of the quietness and presence of […]

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Hill Country Part 1

6 March 2017 // Photography

Words & pictures: Mat Bingham We were cruising along Interstate 377 south of a small town called Junction. Before us was a scene of carnage, a group of vultures were feeding on a wild boar (or hog as they are called in Texas). This was the first time I had seen wild vultures since arriving […]

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Survey East / Blackwaterside

15 February 2017 // Photography

Here follow some recent additions to Survey East, a continuing document of the Blackwater Estuary by Ultramarine’s Ian Cooper. Shots from the series make up photofilm Blackwaterside, which will be shown at our Horse Hospital event later this month with a live Ultramarine soundtrack. More information and tickets are available here.

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Edge Walking #6: The South Blackwater

7 February 2017 // Edge Walking //Photography //Walking

A series of posts following Tom Bolton – author of ‘London’s Lost Rivers’ and ‘London’s Lost Neighbourhoods’ – as he travels the coastline of the British Isles. Words and images by Tom Bolton Our expeditions beating the bounds of Essex had recommenced in late Spring 2016, after an intermission of several years. We first struck […]

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