Postcard from the Outer Hebrides #1: Harris Tweed Truck

22 January 2018 // Photography

The first in a new series of monthly posts from photographer and former Buzzcocks member John Maher, in which he shares shots from the Outer Hebrides I used to see this old truck each time I drove to Stornoway. It was semi-hidden behind a stone wall, just off the main road from Harris to Lewis. […]

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Scenes of a photographic nature

18 January 2018 // Photography

A few things which have caught our eye recently, and may be of interest to the photographically-iclined: – The V&A’s Into the Woods: Trees in Photography display, on from now until 22 April, which explores the diverse representation of trees in photography – as botanical subjects and poetic symbols, in the context of the natural […]

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Mass Paths

16 January 2018 // Photography

Brian David Stevens chats to fellow photographer Caitriona Dunnett about her ‘Mass Paths’ series Recently our friends at Inside The Outside ran an incredible set of photographs from Caitriona Dunnett. The series, called ‘Mass Paths’, traced the pathways walked by Catholics to reach illegal Mass during penal times. The Penal Laws were a series of […]

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Lying In The Mouth Of The River Ouse

13 January 2018 // Photography

We recently came across ‘Lying In The Mouth Of The River Ouse’, a photographic urban landscape project by Darren Baldwin. Darren has kindly allowed us to repost some photos from the series, but first some context from his site: ‘Lying in the mouth of the River Ouse is the small port town of Newhaven, it […]

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John Maher Q&A

24 December 2017 // Photography

Ahead of his new Caught by the River column in 2018, former Buzzcocks member and photographer John Maher answers some questions put to him by Brian David Stevens Hi John, I expect a lot of CBTR readers will be familiar with your previous life as the original drummer with Buzzcocks, but maybe haven’t seen your […]

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