Adventures in the Lea Valley

13 November 2016 // Books //Photography

Adventures in the Lea Valley by Polly Braden and David Campany (Hoxton Mini Press, gold foiled hardback, 112 pages. Out now.) Review by Brian David Stevens “Without the Lea Valley, East London would be unendurable. Victoria Park, the Lea, the Thames: tame country, old brown gods. They preserve our sanity. The Lea is nicely arranged […]

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Edge Walking – Mersea Island

22 October 2016 // Edge Walking //Photography //Walking

A new series of posts following Tom Bolton – author of ‘London’s Lost Rivers’ and ‘London’s Lost Neighbourhoods’ – as he travels the coastline of the British Isles. At the late August Bank Holiday arrived, Jo and I headed back out to the Essex coast for the next instalment of our summer mission to walk […]

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Edge Walking: Brightlingsea to Clacton-on-Sea, Part Two

2 October 2016 // Edge Walking //Photography //Walking

Words and images by Tom Bolton Walking the coastline of Britain – all of it – Jo and I reached the St Osyth Marshes, some way east of Clacton. First impressions suggested a landscape of nothing but marsh and sea wall, but the emptiness resolved itself as details came into focus. Swallows lined up on […]

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Cutlers Rough, Part 2

20 September 2016 // On Nature //Photography

Words and pictures: Mat Bingham Cutlers Rough has absorbed a lot of my time and energy this year. Other photography projects put on hold, but that is the way of things. Every year I sketch out ideas in a journal I keep. It’s rare that I stick to them, thoughts put to paper, incomplete, unrealised. […]

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Along the Hackney Canal

18 September 2016 // Photography

Along the Hackney Canal by Freya Najade (Hoxton Mini Press, hardback, 96 pages. Out now and available here, priced £14.95.) Review by Nick Fallowfield-Cooper The Lea and Hackney marshes in East London have always had an air of uncertainty: a place that has never been defined, a hinterland of neglect, a place that is neither […]

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