Cutlers Rough, Part 2

20 September 2016 // On Nature //Photography

Words and pictures: Mat Bingham Cutlers Rough has absorbed a lot of my time and energy this year. Other photography projects put on hold, but that is the way of things. Every year I sketch out ideas in a journal I keep. It’s rare that I stick to them, thoughts put to paper, incomplete, unrealised. […]

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Along the Hackney Canal

18 September 2016 // Photography

Along the Hackney Canal by Freya Najade (Hoxton Mini Press, hardback, 96 pages. Out now and available here, priced £14.95.) Review by Nick Fallowfield-Cooper The Lea and Hackney marshes in East London have always had an air of uncertainty: a place that has never been defined, a hinterland of neglect, a place that is neither […]

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Not Exactly Nature Writing – Photographing Mellis

20 August 2016 // Photography //Remembering Roger Deakin

This essay first appeared in the programme book for the sixty-ninth Aldeburgh Festival, published by Aldeburgh Music, Suffolk, 2016. All words and pictures © Justin Partyka I never met Roger Deakin. At one time it seemed our paths would cross, but they never did. He was the author of three celebrated books — Waterlog: A […]

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Hebden’s non-eponymous bridges

21 July 2016 // Books //Photography

Richard Carter shares a few favourites from his photo-project ‘Hebden’s Other Bridges’ “Is this the Hebden Bridge?” visitors invariably ask when you show them the 16th-century packhorse bridge spanning Hebden Water in the centre of town. Well, yes it is. And a lovely bridge it is too, with its three wide gritstone arches and steep […]

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Small Town Inertia

16 July 2016 // Photography

Hi Jeff, You may already know of JA Mortram and his ‘Small Town Inertia’ photo series, but if not, I wanted to draw your attention to it in case it was something that might be right for CBTR. I think they’re extraordinary. The compassion behind the whole project is staggering – and very necessary right […]

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