Emergent Landscapes

5 February 2016 // Landscape //Photography

Words and pictures: Rob St. John Earlier in the year I bought a 1970s Polaroid camera from a Calder Valley charity shop. Housed in a square leather case lined with red fabric, the ‘Land Camera 1000’ – boxy black and white, with a rainbow stripe – came with four films, each long since expired. The […]

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Hedgerows and Back Roads

22 January 2016 // Photography //Walking

Jeb Loy Nichols‘ thoughts on a series of photos by Richard Booth. I’m not an organised walker. I drift. My natural state is one of flux. I shuffle into an odd assortment of clothes, torn jackets and ripped trousers; shirts splattered with paint. Boots that have long ago stopped being water tight. A hat of […]

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Richard Booth’s Hedgerow Photography

21 January 2016 // Photography

Photographer and musician Richard Booth escaped from London in 2007, seeking a more peaceful and humane existence. ‘Moving to Wales changed my life – I feel that I’ve really found a creative space here in which I’ve been able to progress artistically.’ Originally from Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire, he has found himself living in Cornwall, Los Angeles […]

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Hackney By Night

15 November 2015 // Books //Photography

Hackney By Night – a book of eerie and unexpectedly beautiful photgraphs of London in the dead of night – is the latest publication from Hoxton Mini Press. The book’s press release follows: “The majesty of the pylon over the canal, shimmering blue and green lights, the bridge lit and reflected in the gently rippling […]

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The Dipper

29 October 2015 // Birds //Photography

A dip, a flirt of the tail, – he’s gone! Brown as the stump he now sits on. (Robin Dale) Words and pictures: Mat Bingham Dippers are about the size of a robin and are in fact related to them, their breast is chestnut brown and unlike robins, they have a white bib. Similar to […]

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