A Green and Pleasant Land, British Landscape and the Imagination: 1970s to Now

27 September 2017 // Landscape //Photography

A Green and Pleasant Land, British Landscape and the Imagination: 1970s to Now is a new exhibition at the Towner Art Gallery, Devonshire Park, College Road, Eastbourne BN21 4JJ. Open Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00am – 5:00pm and Bank Holiday Mondays, 10:00am – 5:00pm. Admission free. This exhibition caught our eye recently and day trips to […]

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Bogey Dolphin

23 September 2017 // Miscellany //Photography

Words and pictures: Keith Scovell Most birdwatchers have what are known as bogey birds; not as unpleasant as they sound but very fustrating, they are a species that, no matter how much you try and find them, remain elusive and unseen. It sometimes seems that the harder you try and find a certain bird the […]

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The Fish Hawk

21 August 2017 // Photography

Words and pictures: Mat Bingham The weather is on the turn, warmer than it has been, less oxygen in the water means the trout are on the rise. Dark shapes slowly gliding through the lake, they gulp air at the water’s surface creating ripples. The osprey sees this from thirty meters above where it circles. […]

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7 August 2017 // Photography

Mat Bingham and his collie puppy spend the first half of the year getting to know the birds living in their garden: It’s early January, there is a sharpness to the air and a clarity to the light. At dawn I let our dog out into the garden. She is a welsh collie called Skye, […]

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Muir is Tir – William Arnold’s Land & Sea Residency on Stornoway

6 August 2017 // Photography

News reached us this week that photographer William Arnold, whose work is much-admired at CBTR HQ, has been offered a last-minute, two-week residency on Stornoway, where he will investigate historical and cultural links between the Western Isles (Scotland) & West Penwith (Cornwall). Having received no public funding, William is now crowdfunding in an attempt to […]

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