Pint by the River: New year, new beer

13 February 2016 // Food and Drink //Pint/Cake

It seems that January rather ran away with us. We’ve been overwhelmed with high-calibre content of late: that in mind, apologies for the tardiness of this post. Regardless, we think you’ll agree that the latest ‘Pint by the River’ post from Roger Clapham was too good to forego. The cold, dreary expanse of January is […]

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2 December 2015 // Miscellany //Pint/Cake

We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that two of our own, namely Ben McCormick and John Andrews (of Arcadia) have just begun opening their advent calendars. If you’re keen on vintage and antique fishing tackle for the soul then look no further than JA’s scrapbook page here. If it’s beer reccommendations you’re […]

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Words on wort – diary of a fledgling homebrewer

13 November 2015 // Food and Drink //Pint/Cake //Words on wort

By Ben McCormick 3: Malt of the earth If you were wont to compare the ingredients of beer to band members, as I am, then there are two distinct parts: those that get all the attention and those without whom nothing would happen. So while the flavour and aroma hops in beer play the role […]

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Pint by the River: lager lager lager…

31 August 2015 // Food and Drink //Pint/Cake

Words and pictures: Roger Clapham Almost twenty years ago, the British public did something they do less frequently these days, and took something resolutely outside the mainstream to their hearts. That something was Underworld’s Born Slippy single (or Born Slippy .NUXX to be precise) which reached a staggering number 2 in the top 40 in […]

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Nairn’s London: revisited

25 June 2015 // Pint/Cake

Photo: Diana Jarvis In 1966, Ian Nairn penned a masterpiece: a one-man meander through our capital that taught readers to see beauty where others saw decay. Some 49 years on, Ben McCormick picks up the baton to write his own paean to London pub culture. I love pubs. Ever since I was four and was […]

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