Beer Advent Calendar

1 December 2014 // Food and Drink //Pint/Cake

Thanks to the success of what was, quite frankly, the cheekiest Kickstarter campaign we’ve ever seen, the annual assault on the liver that is Ben McCormick’s Beer Advent Calendar is back. Tune in daily as our intrepid correspondent chronicles December’s ups and downs through ale-tinted glasses, one bottle at a time.

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Pint by the River – Indy Man Beer Con

19 September 2014 // Pint/Cake

Words by Ben McCormick A little over two years ago, the people partly responsible for dragging the Manchester beer scene away from its moribund self when they opened the Port Street Beer House decided they wanted to do the same for beer festivals.

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Pint by the River Taff – Otley Brewing

2 September 2014 // Pint/Cake

By Roger Clapham. So it was another trip to Wales for me the other weekend, and that meant more Welsh beer – never a bad thing in my book. This time I picked up a number of beers from the award-winning Otley Brewing Company, who despite their name are not based in Otley near Leeds, […]

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Pint by the River Irwell

23 July 2014 // Pint/Cake

Simply perfect: First Chop brewery team up with Good Measure clothing to produce a special run of single hop craft beer. Manchester’s First Chop Brewery and the Good Measure clothing label have more in common than most. Both make small runs of fine products and place high quality raw materials at the heart of their […]

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Pint by the River – Brew Britannia

15 July 2014 // Books //Pint/Cake

Brew Britannia: The Strange Rebirth of British Beer by Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey. (Aurum Press, June 2014). Review by Ben McCormick. Waiting for Godson’s. I swear the story of the east London early eighties brewery’s untimely demise was prefaced in chapter four of Brew Britannia, beer-blogging royalty Boak and Bailey’s first foray into print. […]

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