Hare And Raptor Country

14 November 2017 // Place

Words and pictures: Ben Myers For the past five years I’ve been coming to the Lammermuir Hills, the vast rolling stretch of heathered uplands between Berwick and Edinburgh. Often at autumn, when the leaves turn and fall and the clock is wound back an hour. In winter it becomes a different place. Here is hunting […]

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Barracuda LS520 and Meall Tarsuinn

4 October 2016 // Landscape //Place

Words by Neil Thomson, photographs by David Titlow * Darling, darling, just in case Rivets fail or engines burn I forget the time and place But your flesh was sweet to learn ‘Elegy Just in Case’ – John Ciardi, 1944 * There is an almost universal practice amongst airmen during wartime of leaving a letter, […]

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A word-lovers guide to the British landscape

20 March 2015 // Books //Place

An extract from Uncommon Ground by Dominick Tyler Guardian Faber paperback, 256 pages In 2008 I collaborated with the writer Kate Rew on her book Wild Swim. It was a rare and wonderful project, an opportunity to travel throughout the UK finding and photographing the best places to swim outdoors. The work took us to […]

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