Pleasures of…December

2 January 2018 // Pleasures

Nick Hunt, author of Where The Wild Winds Are – a Caught by the River favourite from last year – on adapting to life as a stranger in the Lake District: December begins with a long drive north. A few days ago my girlfriend and I were watching starlings bunch and bloom in the sky […]

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Pleasures of…March

28 March 2017 // Pleasures

In her first piece for Caught by the River, Nell Frizzell looks back on the London-to-Cornwall overnight train journey she undertook earlier this month I’m not Philip Larkin, but I know a good train journey when I slide into one. There’s something near-supernatural about going to bed, tucked up into a top bunk of an […]

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Pleasures of…February

23 February 2017 // Pleasures

Poet Sophie McKeand on dreaming and birdsong between Wales and India It’s late February and I’m absorbed by the bright-berried Cotoneaster Cornubia tree/bush outside our home-office window shivering in the Welsh winter grey under the weight of rummaging house-sparrows. Watching them transports me back to the previous week and a sharp memory of being hustled […]

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Pleasures of…January

30 January 2017 // Pleasures

Author of ‘The Long, Long Life of Trees’ Fiona Stafford spends the first month of the year looking out for lapwings When 1st January 2017 finally dawned, it was grey and damp and raw – a day drained of colour and more suited to nursing delicate heads than setting out with New Year resolution. Outside, […]

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Pleasures of…May

9 June 2016 // Pleasures

An insight into the month of May from experimental medieval fiddle and recorder player Laura Cannell May begins away from my native East Anglia, waking up on the first of the month in Manchester and remembering to say white rabbit three times before engaging in the day ahead. I was staying at Islington Mill artists […]

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