Pleasures of…April

5 May 2016 // Pleasures

Experimental field recordist extraordinaire Kate Carr was first brought to our attention by Cheryl Tipp, who featured her writing in An Antidote To Indifference Issue 13: Field Recording Special #2. We rather liked the cut of Kate’s jib: so much so, in fact, that we invited her to write this month’s Pleasures column. Lo and […]

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Pleasures of…February

4 March 2016 // Pleasures

Photo: George Wright Words: Anna Pavord The greatest pleasure of February is the feeling that the land is poised, just at the edge of spring. Of course there is no actual beginning or end in this passage of time over the landscape. It is at the same time ephemeral and unchanging. The flux is constant, […]

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Pleasures of…January

7 February 2016 // Pleasures

The A470, near Pen y Fan, Brecon, as people enjoyed the snow in the Brecon Beacons National Park. Photo: Ben Birchall/PA Wire January started in a place that couldn’t seem further from Wales. I hadn’t left Europe in a decade, settled into the relationship with home and routine that comes, at least at first, with […]

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Pleasures of…August

28 August 2015 // Pleasures

Richard Carter, co-founder of The Friends of Charles Darwin describes August on the moors and marshlands of the North of England: August begins, as these things tend to, on the first of the month: Yorkshire Day—the anniversary of the occasion on which God, in His infinite wisdom, said, “Let there be Yorkshire!” thereby creating His […]

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Pleasures of…May

3 June 2015 // Pleasures

Words and pictures: Melissa Harrison They say happiness writes white, which (apart from the election) made May a very joyful month. It rioted along the country’s hedges, swagging them in hawthorn blossom; it dressed the city parks and verges in banks of foaming cow parsley. Ramsons raised their stink in shady places, while beside the […]

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