Every Wounded Soul: a poem by Nick Power

9 December 2017 // Poetry

Every wounded soul all the pulled-apart nerves and knotted guts hearts that are heavy as a hundred-ton feelings that coalesce in some boiler-room immersion tank of the spirit

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Maalie Fragments: a Will Burns/Erland Cooper Collaboration

2 December 2017 // Music //Poetry

One of our favourite tunes of the year is now accompanied by some words from one of our favourite poets of all time. Deep joy.

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Dan of the Don: a poem by Pete Green

27 November 2017 // Poetry

skitters the shallows where the Sheaf interlopes, waterboatman-sculptor summoning splayed relic stacks amid spate. Dan’s materials parody permanence, approximate props from the lapsed pomp of manufacture and shipment. The half-built and derelict timeshare Dan’s habitat, tributaries into the current moment. Dan’s finished product is our purblind straining astride the meanders for meaning, tracking an implicit […]

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Autumn Alegria: a poem by Miguel Cullen

18 November 2017 // Poetry

I’m catching these leaves at the moment, July’s up, in the midsummer light, the oaks are covered in lace frost. The green leaves are each in silver frames, like something that was lost. I care — under the Chinese-lantern-balloon stars you met my parents and I grew into something different. * Miguel’s collection Paranoid Narcissism! […]

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And No Light Shall Falter: a poem by Nick Power

13 November 2017 // Poetry

I will make you a pallet-bed cardboard and eiderdown for your return I will allay joint pain with diazepam scored from a man in a clamping yard I will lurk about the hospital until you are released when you are free I will run between the gables of every building illuminating them with fire part […]

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