The Scores

16 October 2016 // Magazines //Poetry

Review by Robert Selby It’s been a good couple of years for poetry on the web: 2014 saw the launch of Prac Crit, an innovative thrice-yearly journal dedicated to the close reading of individual poems complemented by interviews with the poets, and which this year became the first ever online journal to publish a work […]

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Falling Awake

3 October 2016 // Poetry

Falling Awake by Alice Oswald (Cape Poetry, paperback, 81 pages. Out now.) Review by Robert Selby “The all-night rain puts out summer like a torch,” wrote Edward Thomas, after lying awake in his Steep cottage one night in August or September 1911. The prose passage inspired by this sleepless night fed Thomas’s poem ‘Rain’, written […]

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Mend and make do: a poem by Martha Sprackland

30 September 2016 // Poetry

The arm of my sunglasses – now they are so level even my crooked face parades a certain symmetry. This front tooth, whose bedrock is endodontic filler, was cleared of pain and fixed. The molar at the bottom left waits its turn. A milk jug cleft from base to lip. A commemorative plate. All cracked […]

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The Leaving of St Kilda

27 September 2016 // Music //Poetry

Close your eyes and listen…The Leaving of St. Kilda. Music by Alasdair Roberts, poetry by Robin Robertson. From the 2014 LP Hirta Songs. With thanks to the Myth & Moor blog for leading us here.

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Iona: A poem by Jelle Cauwenberghs

12 September 2016 // Poetry

We made landfall at night. A man with a net watched us sail into the bay of martyrs as he slit and scrubbed the fish, cut through the knots and silver gills passed from mother to son like siren tears, as many times as the sand could weep. As many daughters. We brought our dormant […]

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