On Growing & Writing

18 June 2017 // Poetry

Words: Sophie McKeand I was born to the sound of starlings murmurating across the north Wales coastline. The Rebel Sun rode low in an early February sky as the Irish Sea gnawed across my ribcage. My hair was knotted seaweed. Water swelled sand dunes into my belly & a flock of seagulls took up residence […]

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The Firecrests: a poem by Robert Selby

17 June 2017 // Poetry

I The hazel is ablaze with catkins. The elms nod their heads in a blue realm. Below, daffodils kiss down the knoll to the kissing gate, the brown field beyond exact, freshly tidied by plough. You are standing in it, your face turned up to the new sun, the tartan scarf – Clan Barclay? The […]

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Cocoon: a poem by Hollie McNish

14 June 2017 // Poetry

raincoat zipped to my chin for the bike ride to work hair bunned at the back to fit in the hood helmet clipped – tight i am waterproof

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Faber Social presents: Poetry

7 June 2017 // Events //Poetry

On Monday 3 July, Caught by the River poet-in-residence and all round great gal Martha Sprackland hosts the next Faber Social, taking place at The Social on Little Portland Street. She’s put together a fantastic programme for the evening, with readings from Kayo Chingonyi, Sophie Collins, Amina Jama, Melissa Lee-Houghton, Zaffar Kunial, and André Naffis-Sahely. […]

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Shadows on the Barley: a poem by Robert Selby

3 June 2017 // Poetry

When our train goes over the river sending all the bridge bats aquiver into the pink evening; when the poplar’s shadow on the barley is not wanting for company and the castle turret is gleaming, it’s time for that part of the day, a few hours at least, that we can say are ours.

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