Out of Doors: a poem by Will Burns

11 November 2016 // Poetry

We knew sun-up as mosquito time playing itself out in a damp wood and the madness, really, of a dawn chorus being taped. Our field recordings made so we might never lose a thing. Later, emptying his house, I found the tape machine. Hit the play button and watched the glossy acetate spool through the […]

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Mourning In America: a poem by Ben Myers

10 November 2016 // Poetry

The first snow falls through daybreak’s seeping – cloying, wet, exhausted by the calendar – when the news comes through: liberalism has withered and died on the vine. America has spoken; snake-oil sales rise. In the barren borders I take the dog to the top field, the last before the moor rises to the forged […]

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The Scores

16 October 2016 // Magazines //Poetry

Review by Robert Selby It’s been a good couple of years for poetry on the web: 2014 saw the launch of Prac Crit, an innovative thrice-yearly journal dedicated to the close reading of individual poems complemented by interviews with the poets, and which this year became the first ever online journal to publish a work […]

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Falling Awake

3 October 2016 // Poetry

Falling Awake by Alice Oswald (Cape Poetry, paperback, 81 pages. Out now.) Review by Robert Selby “The all-night rain puts out summer like a torch,” wrote Edward Thomas, after lying awake in his Steep cottage one night in August or September 1911. The prose passage inspired by this sleepless night fed Thomas’s poem ‘Rain’, written […]

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Mend and make do: a poem by Martha Sprackland

30 September 2016 // Poetry

The arm of my sunglasses – now they are so level even my crooked face parades a certain symmetry. This front tooth, whose bedrock is endodontic filler, was cleared of pain and fixed. The molar at the bottom left waits its turn. A milk jug cleft from base to lip. A commemorative plate. All cracked […]

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