Glass As Broken Glass

21 March 2017 // Poetry

Glass As Broken Glass by Martha Sprackland (Rack Press, stapled paperback, 16 pages. Out now and available here.) Review by Sophie McKeand In Glass As Broken Glass Martha Sprackland’s poems thrum with a delicate fragility. These are words that push gently at life’s fissures to reveal a quiet understanding of the splintered and fragmented nature […]

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Caught by the River and Neu! Reekie! present: Where Are We Now?

14 March 2017 // Events //Poetry

Artwork designed and created by Nick Hand Following the success of our sold out evening at the Horse Hospital last month, we’re delighted to announce that we’re teaming up with our Scottish brothers and sisters Neu! Reekie! to put on their first ever London event. Where Are We Now? takes place on Wednesday 26th April […]

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Swallowing: a poem by Will Burns

12 March 2017 // Poetry

Like the banks we valued ourselves only as a future, neglected to peg anything to the day that was coeval with our action— the true day that crops up as a raid on memory. How long do you suppose we measured familial intake in rows of poplar trees (as our borders), the length of hands […]

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Cennin Pedr: a poem by Richard King

1 March 2017 // Poetry

Illustration: Jon McNaught As if to settle on a sense of self were some form of treachery, and though asked with compline regularity, on the morning of each Saint David’s Day, the permanent question, the one concerning identity, denies itself an answer. Daffodils; even now in gaudy the blooms seem hesitant emblems of this familiar […]

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First: a poem by Alison Brackenbury

26 February 2017 // Poetry

Prehistory is mainly guess. How else to start the small machines of happiness? After the age of ice, trees could creep back. Grove heart, oak, ash, tall lime made the first wood, soon felled for farming, feuds and blood. What whispers through our deepest shade? Wildwood. Wildwood. Recent research suggests that most of Britain’s ancient […]

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