Snail: a poem by Martha Sprackland

8 August 2016 // Poetry

I caved him in with the heel of my shoe not quickly enough. Not the fair, conclusive smash of a foot’s full weight but the realising what it was, too late, and quickly lifting off – this is worse. The job half-done, the bad day let inside the secret room through the terrible new skylight. […]

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Hurricane – a poem by Will Burns

4 August 2016 // Poetry

The tops of the palm trees (invasive) had been cropped by a coalition of the local woodpeckers and weather. They say the season is getting longer each year. We saw seven black seabirds (unmistakeable, very large, tail-shape diagnostic), effortless in the wind and throwing shadows across us on the beach. I saw a man who […]

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No Map Could Show Them

23 July 2016 // Poetry

No Map Could Show Them by Helen Mort (Chatto & Windus, paperback, 96 pages. Out now and available here in the Caught by the River shop, priced £9.99). Review by Will Burns What a title No Map Could Show Them has become over the past few weeks. A month in which a stitched-together nation state […]

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Caught by the River Thames – Faber Poetry Chapel

16 July 2016 // Events //Poetry

It’s not long now until we don our dancing shoes and get on down at our big ol’ party by the river. Taking place over the weekend of 6-7 August, Caught by the River Thames boasts not only one of the most eclectic musical lineups of the summer, but also a fantastic array of talks […]

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Alport Castles: a poem by Helen Mort

7 July 2016 // Poetry

for J.W. The wind let the landscape move how it always wanted to, leaned us together like ferns, or upper branches and we walked the slope believing we were part of the scenery talking about music and summits, places we’d never go again. Then the rocks finished my sentence – tall and architectural: their moat […]

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