And No Light Shall Falter: a poem by Nick Power

13 November 2017 // Poetry

I will make you a pallet-bed cardboard and eiderdown for your return I will allay joint pain with diazepam scored from a man in a clamping yard I will lurk about the hospital until you are released when you are free I will run between the gables of every building illuminating them with fire part […]

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Making Ends Meet

8 November 2017 // Poetry

Making Ends Meet by Andrew McNeillie (Guillemot Press, paperback, 100 pages. Out now) Review by Declan Ryan About a third of the way into Making Ends Meet, Andrew McNeillie’s seventh collection, comes a poem called ‘A Poet: 21st Century’ which reads, in full, ‘A redundant light-house keeper/striking a match in a storm.’ There’s a disgruntled […]

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Swims: an extract

7 November 2017 // Poetry

Swims, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett’s lyrical celebration of wild swimming, is published by Penned in the Margins. Here, taken from the book, is her author’s note, followed by ‘XII, The Dart’, the section of the poem dedicated to the Devon river which holds a special allure for us here at CBTR HQ. AUTHOR’S NOTE Swims is a […]

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The Bittern: a poem by Marc Woodward

29 October 2017 // Poetry

The cows stand dying in the field sharp hip and shoulder blades revealed. Who knows from where their sickness comes? The Drekavac; the Mire-Drum. Booming from the lonely reed bed this ghost of the unbaptised dead looks up toward the rising sun: The Drekavac; the Mire-Drum. Some say he drops his dreadful beak into the marsh before he […]

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Homecoming: a poem by Jelle Cauwenberghs

21 October 2017 // Poetry

Water follows me home  like a ghost. 
La grisaille with long feathery arms  
lets me in.
 ‘Whereto next?’ it whispers, 
and white birds fill my heart 
with longing.  
”How much room is there for memory, 
in the loose girdle of soft rain?” 
I want to tell you, too late, 
it can hold a hurricane,  
if you […]

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