The House on the Bank of the Maiden’s Pool

29 July 2013 // Rambles

A night in an abandoned hamlet by Will Roberts High in Southern Snowdonia lies a forgotten plateau. It’s a beautiful, wild place. It rains hard and often. The wind bends trees. There are footpaths shown on the map but in reality they are lost, covered in heather or swallowed by bog.

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A Journey on Foot

7 July 2013 // On Nature //Rambles

You may recall that, back in May, we posted a shout-out from Robert Macfarlane and Penguin books, to assist them in their search for a ‘Wayfarer’ – someone to document a summer spent trekking the British Isles in search of the ‘Old Ways’. All interested parties were invited to apply and this week they announced […]

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Walking the Wye

6 July 2013 // Rambles

We’ve known Rocky for half a lifetime or so – one of our favourite DJs – variously on his own, as one half of Rocky & Diesel, one third of X-Press 2 or as one fifth of the Ballistic Brothers – and an all-round top chap to boot. When Rocky started turning up at Caught […]

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Pictures From A Thames Walk

2 July 2013 // On Water //Rambles

Pictures by Tim Baynes.

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Somewhere between the woods and the water

29 June 2013 // Rambles

The River Avon, Bristol, June 2013 Words & pictures: Daniel Greenwood. I walk along the floating harbour in search of the woodlands I know are further downstream of the Avon, high above the city of Bristol. The harbour is a story of new developments in a variety of different colours and states. One sign by […]

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