Caught by the Reaper: Guy Clark

21 May 2016 // Music //Remembrance

As storytelling songwriters go they don’t come much better than Guy Clark, the Texan master of the artform who died this week aged 74. Fellow fanboy Jerry David DeCicca pays tribute: I was a 19 year old that felt like an 85 year old. Belly full of ulcers, lots of bad habits, multiple prescriptions. Then […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Jock Scot

29 April 2016 // Remembrance

Roy Wilkinson bids farewell to friend and collaborator Jock Scot. Last Sunday saw the funeral of Jock Scot – rock poet, inspiration and graceful consumer of the backstage rider bounty. Jock appeared at Caught by the River events – notably at Port Eliot in 2011, equipped with kilt and sporran-full of fun. In 2015 Heavenly Recordings […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Merle Haggard

14 April 2016 // Remembrance

Merle Haggard died last week. Tim Tooher pays tribute: So it’s goodbye Merle Haggard, a man whose very name seemed to tell his story. Merle as country as country can be, and Haggard hinting at the visible marks of some existential burden. His life was country too, and it also explained the burden. He grew […]

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Barry Hines – Caught by the Reaper

20 March 2016 // Remembrance

We’re saddened today by news of the death of the writer Barry Hines. I know I’m not alone when I say that I owe him big time. As a tribute we thought we’d repost a recent mix from Dubwood Allstars featuring an inspired blend of Barry’s words from Ken Loach’s film adaptation of a Kestrel […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Allen Toussaint

27 November 2015 // Remembrance

Allen Toussaint died on 10 November, aged 77. Tim Tooher pays tribute: The world lost something last week. Allen Toussaint left it. Nowadays, when famous musicians die, Facebook gets filled with YouTube clips posted in tribute. Two weeks ago, Allen Toussaint died after a concert in Spain and my timeline was filled with videos of […]

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