Caught by the Reaper: Chuck Berry and Jimmy Breslin

21 March 2017 // Remembrance

Tim Tooher pays tribute to two icons no longer of this realm: Two of the great American writers of the twentieth century died at the weekend. Both men who helped to shape the mediums that made them famous. Chuck Berry helped to write the mythology of rock’n’roll and Jimmy Breslin shaped the new journalism of […]

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Ugh Just Drums

31 January 2017 // Music //Remembrance

Cally Callomon pays tribute to Jaki Liebezeit, founding member of Can who died last week aged 78: Moments in time: the day the music was born and died, both flanked by two large newspaper entries. One a full paged advert in the Melody Maker, a single photo of a tiny band playing in front of […]

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Four Points of Departure

4 January 2017 // Remembrance

Words: Bill Drummond And with a doff of its hat, it takes Allan Williams. Yesterday I got a very short email from my friend Angie Sammons in Waterloo. It consisted of one line. The above line. Today I sat down and wrote the following in response. I have just hit send in the hope it […]

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17 November 2016 // Music //Remembrance

Photographs taken by Tracey Moberly Words by Bill Drummond There seems to be a new world order in the making. It’s Remembrance Sunday – time to take stock. To this end I have taken myself out of London into Epping Forest. Autumn is at its most glorious. I want to lose myself in the trees. […]

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Leonard Cohen by Tim Tooher

16 November 2016 // Remembrance

Leonard, Hand In Pocket, photograph by Michelle Clement So, in the space of forty-eight hours, we get Trump and lose Leonard Cohen. Trump is nothing new. He’s just let the mask slip in a way that those who lead us normally don’t. We’ve long lived under the rule of such men. Men who rapaciously seek […]

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