Waterlog Reswum: Hell Gill – The Descent

21 August 2016 // On Water //Remembrance

This was originally posted on Waterlog Reswum – the blog charting Joe Minihane’s attempt to swim every stretch of water covered by Roger Deakin in his 1999 masterpiece Waterlog. Words and pictures: Joe Minihane “I couldn’t help it. I began to slide into the mouth of the abyss itself. I found myself in the first […]

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Not Exactly Nature Writing – Photographing Mellis

20 August 2016 // Photography //Remembrance

This essay first appeared in the programme book for the sixty-ninth Aldeburgh Festival, published by Aldeburgh Music, Suffolk, 2016. All words and pictures © Justin Partyka I never met Roger Deakin. At one time it seemed our paths would cross, but they never did. He was the author of three celebrated books — Waterlog: A […]

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Force of Nature

19 August 2016 // Remembrance

It’s hard to imagine Caught by the River existing without Roger Deakin. Although the name of the site was borrowed from the Doves song, it could very well have been a subtitle for Deakin’s peerless 1999 aqua-memoir Waterlog. Deakin was caught by the river. And by the canal, the lake, the moat. Any body of […]

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Celebrating the Life of Roger Deakin

18 August 2016 // Remembrance

Tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of Roger Deakin’s death. Accordingly, we’re dedicating the weekend to the memory of this extraordinary man. The work of Deakin has been a big inspiration since the inception Caught by the River. If you too have been moved, galvanised or otherwise affected by Roger, we’d love you to write to […]

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Perry Eliot 1941-2016: My Personal Lament

22 July 2016 // Remembrance

By Richard Worthy We met on a football field in 1972 – Footsbarn Theatre v St.Germans Village. Perry was not good at football and his team’s stars were heard to yell in broad Cornish accents “bloody kick it up the field, m’Lord” He arrived on a powerful Dresda motorbike with a 750cc Norton engine and […]

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