Way Across The River by Jon Savage

31 May 2012 // Books //Rivers Book

It was supposed to be secret: a boat trip held by the notorious Sex Pistols – high in the charts with ‘God Save The Queen’ – on the evening of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. My friend Steven Lavers told me about it on the day. I was determined to go, so I called up the […]

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13 by Laura Barton

17 May 2012 // Books //Rivers Book

An extract from 13 by Laura Barton Taken from Caught by the River: A Collection of Words on Water We grew up in thrall to the Leeds-Liverpool canal. One hundred and twenty-seven miles long, a spectacular feat of engineering, begun in 1770, and completed in 1816, at a cost of more than £1 million, it […]

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Fenlands At Its Finest

13 February 2012 // Books //Miscellany //Rivers Book

“When the north wind blew across the fens in the first months, the shallow flood would freeze readily, and night-time has always been favoured by ice-skaters because the ice is harder, faster, and more romantic.” Saw these gorgeous shots of the frozen fens posted on the Guardian website yesterday and immediately thought of the beautiful […]

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Hand Drawn Maps of London Rivers

29 June 2010 // Miscellany //Rivers Book

John Richardson’s lino-cuts from ‘Words on Water’ join the hall of fame over at the Londonist website.

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Still on the Charts

29 January 2010 // Rivers Book

Afternoon chaps, Caught by the River was in Sunday’s Independent! It was on their ‘Critical List’ pages – which is the ‘what’s hot in the Arts this week’ section. Each week they get their favourite independent book retailers to recommend their favourite books in a Top Ten Hitlist. Caught by the River was in Sunday’s […]

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