The Outsider: Of Blood and Broadstairs

7 July 2017 // The Outsider

Nell Frizzell trades in the London heatwave for cooling east Kent waters. With pictures by Nick Stanton. Until you have stood, five months pregnant, in a fire yellow vest, on a paddle board, under a 35℃ midday London sun, I’m not sure you’ve ever been really hot. I mean, sure, you’ve been warm, you’ve sweated, […]

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The Outsider: Going Al-Fresco

1 June 2017 // The Outsider

In this month’s column, Nell Frizzell muses on the joys of weeing outside Empty-bladdered at the top of Scafell There is a very particular smile you get, from a stranger on a sunny day, as they spot your bare arse, hovering above a damp bit of grass. As you scramble knickers up your quivering thighs, […]

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The Outsider: A Rainy Pilgrimage to Beddgelert

30 April 2017 // The Outsider

Nell Frizzell documents her outdoor pursuits in a new monthly column. Pictures by Nick Stanton It is a very strange thing to be heaving your knees up scrabble stone paths, through mists and mellow bursts of sunshine, humming Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau while, just a lamb’s bleat away, and entirely unknown to you, the Prime […]

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