Reforesting the Clare Coast

7 September 2017 // Trees

Emma Warren meets the Cornish surfers reforesting County Clare one sapling at a time There’s a bit of evidence round the back of Moy Hill Community Farm that dispels the myth that this part of West Ireland is naturally treeless. Creamy ancient bogwood is piled up in great heaps like giant bones, dug up as […]

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Fiona Stafford On the Subject of the Ash Tree

4 July 2017 // Books //Port Eliot Festival //Trees

An extract from The Long, Long Life of Trees by Fiona Stafford (Published by Yale University Press and used with permission. Out now and available here.) As a small child, my mother was taken to the Lake District, in the hope that she would have a better chance of survival under the shelter of the […]

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The Caught by the River Book of the Month: April

6 April 2017 // Books //Trees

The Long, Long Life of Trees by Fiona Stafford (Yale, paperback, 288 pages. Out now and available here.) Illustration by Clare Curtis Review by Emma Warren Some animals have a highly developed sense of smell. Others have incredible vision. Humans? We have a powerful sense of symbolism. That’s the takeaway from academic and author Fiona […]

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Strange Labyrinth

5 April 2017 // Books //Trees

Strange Labyrinth: Outlaws, Poets, Mystics, Murderers and a Coward in London’s Great Forest by Will Ashon (Granta, hardback, 416 pages. Out tomorrow and available here). Review by Nina Lyon Strange Labyrinth does exactly what it says on the cover. It is, as its title promises, labyrinthine: the various threads of stories wind their way in […]

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The Long, Long Life of Trees: Holly

24 December 2016 // Books //Trees

A seasonal extract from The Long, Long Life of Trees by Fiona Stafford: The holly has been admired for its resilient qualities as long as there have been human beings with the capacity to record their views. The Ice Age survivor was celebrated by the Romans, who linked it to the old earth god Saturn, […]

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