Frames of Representation: The New Periphery

30 March 2016 // Uncategorized

A week of documentary cinema at ICA, London, April 20-27. This one here caught our eye: The curators say: The first edition of Frames of Representation will focus on the idea of the ‘New Periphery’, and cinema’s role in bringing the excluded and the elsewhere to the centre of conversation. A unique focus of the […]

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Beyond the Fell Wall: A film by Richard Skelton

7 November 2015 // Uncategorized

Words: Richard Skelton In 2011, exchanging one coast for another, my wife Autumn and I returned to south-west Cumbria from mid-west Ireland. We had lived in, and made work about, the region before, but this time we headed further into the interior, to higher ground. We found a small, nameless valley in the outlying fells […]

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Salthouse Marshes

31 October 2015 // Uncategorized

Salthouse Marshes by Adam Scovell Words: Robert Macfarlane In 1907 Algernon Blackwood published The Willows, a novella that HP Lovecraft would later acclaim as ‘the finest supernatural tale in English literature’. The book is set among the deltas and river-forests of the upper Danube. Two friends* on a canoeing trip meet bad weather, and are […]

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The Guts of the Sea

4 July 2015 // Uncategorized

The Guts of The Sea from On Par on Vimeo. This short film was brought to our attention by Carwyn ‘Colorama’ Ellis, friend of the river and composer of the score: At 79 years of age Royal Academy artist Terry Setch is an avid beachcomber, often found mumbling and stumbling through the grayscale surroundings of […]

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2 July 2015 // Uncategorized

Further exploration of Dorset’s sunken pathways by Robert Macfarlane and film-maker Adam Scovell: In 1971 Derek Jarman made a ten-minute silent short called Journey To Avebury, documenting a summer walk through the chalklands of southern England. The film seems, at first, more pastoral home-movie than avant-garde: sheep graze, footpaths dwindle into the long distance. Gradually, […]

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