Faith & Grace: A Family Journey 1953-1976

27 March 2016 // Music

The Staple Singers – Faith & Grace: A Family Journey 1953-1976 A limited edition box set, compiled and produced by Joe McEwen. Review by Tim Tooher. Recently released by the Concord-revived Stax, Faith & Grace collects together music made by the Staple Singers over twenty-three incredible years. It’s an astonishing collection of music. From the […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Allen Toussaint

27 November 2015 // Remembrance

Allen Toussaint died on 10 November, aged 77. Tim Tooher pays tribute: The world lost something last week. Allen Toussaint left it. Nowadays, when famous musicians die, Facebook gets filled with YouTube clips posted in tribute. Two weeks ago, Allen Toussaint died after a concert in Spain and my timeline was filled with videos of […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Percy Sledge

25 April 2015 // Remembrance

The soul singer Percy Sledge died last week, aged 73. Tim Tooher pays tribute: Percy Sledge wasn’t a shouter or a crooner. No, instead, he was a hurter, a carrier of pain, a bearer of burdens. His voice didn’t often growl and roar, nor did it swoop and soar. Instead he was more a vocal […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Robert Young

11 September 2014 // Remembrance

Photo: Douglas Hart It breaks our hearts to post this, how Tim Tooher managed to write it I don’t know. Beautiful words for a fallen friend: The news that Robert Young has passed away is horribly sad. His friends will remember him with love and affection and our thoughts will be with his family. Robert […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Bobby “Blue” Bland

26 June 2013 // Remembrance

Tim Tooher pays tribute to Bobby “Blue” Bland, who died this week aged 83: First George Jones, and now Bobby “Blue” Bland. If Billie Holiday were still alive, she’d be feeling very nervous right now. Jones and Bland were both that good, good enough to be compared with the very, very best. George Jones has […]

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