The Roger Deakin archive

8 October 2016 // Remembering Roger Deakin

Part of our continuing tribute to Roger Deakin Words: Dan Richards The Roger Deakin Archive is held at the University of East Anglia on the outskirts of Norwich. Formerly housed at Walnut Tree Farm, it now sits in UEA’s library at the heart of that famously Brutalist campus; less salmon run, more Logan’s Run. The […]

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I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring

5 January 2016 // Field Recording

I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring, the latest album by field recordist Kate Carr. Reviewed by Luke Turner Update 17/05/16: Since this article was written, we have announced that I Had Myself a Nuclear Spring will be released via Rivertones in August 2016. The album is available to preorder here from the Caught by the […]

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20 October 2015 // Photography

Part of the Milky Way Galaxy (photographed from the inside) Words and pictures: Richard Carter This piece was originally posted on Richard’s website. Many thanks for allowing us to repost. I’ve never seen stars remotely approaching those in Anglesey. There are so damn many of them. Thousand upon thousand. Too many to count. Anglesey in […]

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Memorious Earth

31 July 2015 // Art

Words and pictures: Sue Brooks As I’m writing this at the end of July, heavy rain has been falling for more than ten hours, perfect for limnology, (the study of inland waters) a word gleaned from the description of Richard Skelton‘s text-rivers in Landmarks. My first encounter with his extraordinary body of work. The second […]

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No Flat Horizons

18 May 2015 // Miscellany

Words and pictures by Luke Turner. I suspect I’m about to be ambushed the moment a Range Rover pulls into a layby just ahead. The door opens and a man in paramilitary black emerges in a cloud of radio fuzz, bristling with utility belt, cuffs, holstered gun and a white beard. “Heading somewhere, are you?” […]

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