Caught by the River

Bloke Of The Day

16th July 2007

Took a bus over the river this afternoon to go look at a pond I’d been told about.

I got on there and this fella was in the first corner swim that I came to. I went over to say “hello, how you getting on” as you do, and to ask him about the water. He had two rods out. Carping.
He was fishing against a big raft of lily pads, in full flower, really pretty (that’s the flowers).
Luncheon Meat on one, enormous Halibut Pellet on the other. He told me that there were some “decent” Carp in there, he had caught a 10lb plus Mirror last week. As he said this, one of his rod tips wrapped round and line screamed off the reel. Within a minute, I was landing this Common for him. He was in a right flap. Could not believe it, wasn’t prepared at all, but he knew it was a pb and he had to weigh it and get a photo. 15lb, dead on. But, he couldn’t work his camera / ‘phone.

So, I took this for him. about sums it up, I reckon.