Caught by the River

Penelope Pitstop

Dexter Petley | 6th August 2007

commiserations that blighty has its foot in its mouth again and your chub get the knock-on. all the more reason to go bushy tailed down to the heron pond where it’s all mouth in margins when it rains, bob reckons. and i should’ve guessed dcarl-forbes wanted those copper fittings for his tench rod and not his home-perm salon. you’re right, he was a man after my own heart. his “small stream fishing” was meant for my childhood on the kent ditch.
i write in haste to get back to the swim pictured below:

i call it penelope pit because it’s a scruffy ex-ballast hole about 12 acres beside a route nationale like whacky races. full of neglected carp because the small town the other side of this 24hr lorry race is all but underwater itself, in a contained way, with a canal, the river and about 10 other pits all more conducive to french leisure angling. it’s like bomber harris missed the V2 launchers and left 20 holes at random which filled up with water from a standpipe leak, one pît for every street, fishing under the streetlamp instead of bouncing a ball off the wall. penelope pit is free and unpatrolled so i can fish undetected several hours after dark. when lorries come off the roundabout i light up like a roman candle for two seconds in the glare but the fish are used to it. these are dexie’s midnight runners. the one below gave me one bleep at 12 by the church clock in a deep margin the other night. called it i-leeny:

photo quality has hit an all time low since laure’s 11yr old girl took the good camera to holiday camp and i had to buy a cheap 20 quid 1mega-pixel stand-in at the supermarket on the way fishing, 3 battreries per shot. you can see i’ve got the carl-forbes roll-on up to my neck. fish might’ve gone 25. i’ve ordered 2 proper cameras off ebay recently and both were knicked in the post. got a refund and ordered a third. in the meantime, expect carp that look like holiday snaps from dan dare’s paradise lake on mars.

mutley on the bird table