Caught by the River

So, They Can Be Caught…

6th August 2007

Jakub cracked it. 9 1/2lb. What a fish . Doubtless, never before caught. Been pretty hard over there thus far this season. I’ve had five visits and it’s just Bream. Bloody big uns though. Smallest in at just under seven. More anglers on there this season. The word is out but can see the frustration kicking in. There are great Tench in there too. A fella had three last week at, 4, 5 and 6. Still, my boys have sharpened up their skills. In the patience and practical departments. Danny caught a 12ozs Rudd last week and coped with it himself, that was cool. Joining us all up to “The Barnes & Mortlake Angling Preservation Society”. Only want the badge for me parka.
They got a nice, small pond over Barnes, plus a park lake Feltham way and a stretch of either the Brent or the GUC in Brentford. The pond is pretty (see “Bloke Of The Day”), with what they call an “extension” that is dark and windy and snaggy and totally Perchy. Good obstacle course as part of the boys training.

Got a visit to the Hampshire home of the Crucians planned for tomorrow but have to cross the Surrey border near Guildford and fear that foot & mouth could have put paid to that. Have to find an alternative as I’m going with my mate Steve who hasn’t fished for a few years and he’s fit to burst so “another time” isn’t an option. Kids came along, got busy at work, then fell foul of pissed off soon to be ex wife of mate who apparently “don’t give a shit if some of that tackle is yours, it doesn’t leave the garage ’til I fucking say so”. And I thought it was his boozing that got him a new address…

Leave the Hawley tickets with me but remind me again closer to the date.

cheers for now