Caught by the River

Fishing Gazette, 1877

10th October 2007


this one’s for you. a cutting from the fishing gazette 29th june 1877:

‘the lakes of osterley park, were, by permission of the earl of jersey and the duchess dowager of cleveland netted on tuesday last for the purpose of increasing the stock of carp in the ‘city’ waters – the result of this netting was that 100 fine healthy fish were turned in the river at sunbury and 12 more at teddington’.

i saw the descendent of one of these carp by the lilies opposite wilson’s boathouse when i was last at sunbury. they are hunted by bivvied up afc wimbledon fans. i’ll show you the haunts when we get punted up.

saw ‘control’ last night at the everyman – not as great as i thought it would be – i had been looking forward to it for months. always the way i suppose. should have gone to the rio in dalston, more raincoats.

my photos for the latest letter are upside down but i’m sure robin will right them.

keep the faith