Caught by the River

…a state of mind.

29th October 2007

So, we’ve made the point that it’s about being “Caught By The River”. It’s a state of mind. A very personal moment…
Take a look at the post below this. It sums it up.
When I first listened to “Miss America”, everything stopped. It was just released and it happened to a few of us, not many mind, not enough. It really did come out of nowhere. Chris says it better below but I want to say how made up I am to have Chris write this for us.
He was, obviously, one of the few. When the record came out he was writing for the Melody Maker, a weekly music paper. I was a music publicist. We did some work together and we drank beer together. We talked late and long about records and stuff. We talked about ‘Miss America”. Since then Chris has continued to write about music and has been, consistently, one of music journalisms best, most interesting and entertaining writers.
I saw Chris a couple of weeks ago, at a Shack show. I told him about the site and threw out the suggestion of the piece. It was in my in box this morning. It means a lot.
If you have the record, go put it on and have a read. If you haven’t, go get it. The Rough Trade stores in London will have it I’m sure. Otherwise it’s up on Amazon.