Caught by the River

That's the bag I'm in….

21st November 2007

We fished last Tuesday. Jak, Steve, Dave & myself. The Last of the Summer wine gang. We went to the Kennet again but this time at Kintbury, a little further up river. Three miles of the river cut into channels to make sport for the trout fishers and also home to monster Pike. We didn’t see many fish but it was fun. I looked for Perch and caught two. Both around 1 lb and a quarter. The other guys went for Pike. Steve got one. Just a little ‘un but he said that it nearly took his arm off.
I’m determined to learn Pike fishing this Winter. It is their season. It also keeps me on the bank at Osterley, allowing me to enjoy the park in its winter colours. I’m collecting tips. Robin up at the tackle shop knows a thing or two. Dave has more than a clue. Andrew has a friend who is a serious Piker. He’s got a boat on Windermere and catches 30s. Andrew is off to spend two days with him. I hope he comes back with both arms.

John Andrews and I are fishing on Friday. Once again, it will be on The Kennet but this week it’s back to Aldermaston Mill. There has been some rain since my last visit. The river should be running nicely, giving us just enough hope to talk confidently about catching Barbel. Angler’s optimism. Mine’s a double.

The high & low of my week has been Dexter’s “Mushroom Faking” piece. A couple of weeks ago Dexter told me that it was serious mushroom season over his way and did we want a piece on mushroom hunting. Of course we did. Off he went but we got a whole different piece to what we were expecting. “Green? Go Red. With anger, rage and back in the wood socialism” The guy gives a fuck.

Last months reading frenzy continues. Still managing to get through some books even though my “dry” spell seems to have dried up. Have been most moved by “River of Time” by Jon Swain. The river being the Mekong. He went to Indo China in ’69 as a young (English) foreign correspondent to the French associated press. He stayed in Cambodia and Vietnam until ’75 and was in Phnom Penh when it fell. He gave up a lot of himself and it’s a sad and soulful story.

True positivity was witnessed at the Edwyn Collins show on Monday night. Edwyn is on our record label and this place isn’t for self service plugging so I’ll keep it brief; you have to go see him and the band play. Take a loved one.

Records; two Bill Evans imports arrived from the States, so have been listening to “…Sunday at The Village Vanguard” by Bill Evans Trio, plus, I judged a record by the cover and got a result with this one by Nara (Leao)

which is bossa nova but really unlike any bossa that I have heard. It can be pretty sophisticated at times but she’s got a bit of an attitude in her (very cool) voice. Made me think of Broadcast, although it doesn’t sound like them…….go figure.