Caught by the River

Trent Otter

4th November 2007

J. W. Martin, better known as the ‘Trent Otter’ is one of angling literature’s best-loved all-round anglers. Martin wrote about many of the river fisheries in the Trent area and also the Derbyshire Derwent. Perhaps one of the greatest of all anglers, Martin depicts a gentle way of fishing as he pursues pike, perch, trout, barbel, chub and other species. My Fishing Days and Fishing Ways is, in our opinion, his finest work.

Titles by J. W. Martin include:

My Fishing Days and Fishing Ways

Barbel & Chub 1896 (see Barbel)

Days among the Pike and Perch 1898

The ‘Trent Otter’s’ Little book of Angling

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