Caught by the River

Letter To Dave

4th December 2007

Hi Dave,

it’s got you under it’s spell, hasn’t it? Me too, as it goes.

What a great way to end a year, discovering such a beautiful place. It allows us to dream about being there next year, let’s us imagine the changes that will come with the seasons and the fish we will catch.

As you say, these quiet days are days for learning. I hope to join you on the bank very soon for further education and hopefully a Perch or two. Most definitely before Christmas.

Congratulations to Jakub on his first Pike. I bet I know where he caught it. Remember our last trip? Jak put the time in on the deep channel, fishing next to the bushes. He couldn’t work out why he wasn’t getting the Roach until he saw a Pike in waiting. Is that where he was?

I kinda caught a Pike once. Have I told you this? I hooked it but I didn’t land it. It doesn’t count, does it? Fair enough. I reckon that I would have been eleven or twelve. Fishing the Plessey social club water on Attenborough gravel pits, near to where I lived. I was with my mate Steve Wiggins and his big brother John. Fishing plugs with a tank ariel for a rod. The stories attached to that water were legendary and no doubt apochryphal but to a kid they were fact. I’d seen the one armed man and his three legged terrier already. I believed.
So, I got one on and I crapped myself. Pure terror gripped me and I handed the rod to big John who went on to coolly land a fish of 8lb. I think it’s about time to test the passage of time and see if I am now a man. As long as you will unhook it. Deal?

John Richardson told me that he was going over to Aldermaston today. I’ll let you know if he reports back.

These next couple of weeks are pretty hectic. I’ve got four bands on tour at the moment and am up and down the Country a few times in the next ten days. Plus the odd party. Are you coming to ours? The Heavenly one? Andrew, Robin, John Andrews and myself had a Caught By The River lunch last Friday. We went to a place in St James Park, right beside the lake. John entertained us with tales of both that lake and the Serpentine. Very knowledgeable chap John and fantastic company. Did you know you can still fish the Serpentine? A few tickets a year are available apparently. John’s suggestion of a session before work was a good one. Save that for next season.

Danny had a great Birthday. thanks.

see you soon,