Caught by the River

Numero Group – 2008 Subscriptions

5th December 2007

This is a seriously good record label from Chicago. They put out killer compilations with much love and fantastic attention to detail. If you are into 60s & 70s black American music it doesn’t get much better than this but they also have a passion for great powerpop (the “Yellow Pills” comp), gospel country (Fern Jones), 60’s girl folk… get the gist, they love music. They run a subscription service and it’s well worth it;

“For the third year in a row Numero will once again give you the opportunity to let us invade your mailbox six times. It’s not even December and we’re already in the holiday spirit of taking.
Not much has changed in the last year to the Numero subscription, except the price and number of discs. Yeah, you heard us, 2008 is going to stuff you so full of Numero you’ll be sick of us by May. The price has climbed too (which is terrible news for those who didn’t get a cost of living raise, and no big deal at all to those with a favorable exchange rate – we’re looking at you World), but fear not, you’ll be rewarded heartily. 2008 promises to be Numero’s most ambitious year yet, with several single and multiple disc sets to further impress your friends and weigh down your mail carrier’s bag.

We can’t get into too many specifics, but expect a single disc of Tap disco and rap, a two-disc set of Eccentric Soul from Jesse Jones’ Tragar and Note labels, a wild archive of Ecorse, Michigan custom recordings, an expansive look at one of power pop’s holy grail’s, and two more projects so secret we can’t even think about them.

A great holiday gift for a liked or loved one. Hell, just treat yourself. You had a tough year and deserve a little joy, even if it does just add to the amount of crap you’re going to have to move when your lease is up in June”.

$120.00 (CD)

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