Caught by the River

Shadows & Reflections – Andrew Walsh

29th December 2007

It’s good to take time out and reflect. That’s one of the reasons why I go fishing. 2007 has seen the birth of Caught By The River and that has to be the years highlight. I suggested the idea to Jeff sometime early in 2006 but it was left dormant as we got on with the day to day task of trying to make a living. Besides that, we didn’t really know what we wanted to write about or even whether we had the ability. Then, remarkably, Jeff found the time to start documenting our fishing trips and with the help of Leanor and Robin we started a blog. A large dose of Jeff’s boundless, contageous enthusiasm and before you know it we’re getting contributions from great writers we admire (including real ones who actually do it for a living). On top of that, Jeff (not previously known for his computer prowess) is actually posting pictures up there. Its all gone mad. Evidence of this was the final great Caught By The River moment of the year, when after a series of fortutious coincidences, we find our selves in a London restaurant, nervously awaiting the arrival of Chris Yates. (for those none anglers amongst you, appropriate equilavelents would be Pele, Lennon, Dylan, Jesus – you get the picture). A voice from Arcadia hailed it as a greater coup than meeting Bin Laden. That’s one for the birdtable. Meeting your heroes is often disappointing, and its great to report that this wasn’t. In fact it was brilliant. And even better, he’s offered to take us fishing. I can’t wait.

Below are the books, films & records that I enjoyed this year. They may not all be from this year, but at Caught By The River, we don’t change our hairstyle to match the times but we do believe in quality footwear;

Chris Yates ‘How To Fish’
Mark Haddon ‘A Spot Of Bother’
Richard Dawkins ‘The God Delusion’
Francis Wheen – anything he’s written

Soulsavers ‘Its Not How Far You Fall, Its How You Land’
Nas ‘Illmatic’



Sonny, Grace & Danny at Osterley Park. taken by Wendy.