Caught by the River

Shadows & Reflections – Dave Bedford

19th December 2007

In which, as the year comes to it’s end, our friends and collaborators look back and share their moments;

Being happy and healthy, still doing what I love and being with the one I love, other than that the high point by miles was stepping back onto the bank…. I used to fish once a week without fail until I woke up one day and changed the things that were wrong in my life. The cost of the separation was the loss of all of the records, books and fishing equipment I had collected over the years, held to ransom while things got stupid. So five years pass, some days I would drift off and dream about fishing but never dipped my float. Then it all got settled and I was loading the car with all the gear, dusty and musty from years in a dark cupboard, but I had it back. I spent the next two days cleaning, sorting and thinking about the first trip.
I cant really describe how exciting that was, Steve and I set out at 5 am and drove to Waggoners, not only was I back on the bank but it was in beautiful surroundings with Leney’s hidden in the lake. It rained from the moment we set up, nine hours of solid pounding rain, no bites but it was one of the best days fishing I have ever had, just being back. Since then the theme has continued, being on the bank for the first time with Jeff, Jakub and John. Fishing a river for the first time and what a place to start, Aldermaston. Hooked my first Barbel there, still have not landed one though but that can wait for a while, it will come.

When I fished before I was lucky to have access at night to a superb lake that no one else fished, caught loads of good fish and on the odd frozen night, if I blanked, I would be frustrated. Looking back I had actually forgotten about the pleasure of being there and sharing the time with friends, it is so good to be back, I cant believe I went for so long without it……

Other high points, the last Prince show at O2, Gallows at bar monsta, The Posies at the Borderline and seeing Zeppelin again after 32 years. Low point being lack of great new music, maybe there has been some but I have missed it. What else… drinking some great wine especially a 76 Corton Charlemagne by Voarick, I bought a case at auction in 96 and drank the last two this year, it was worth the wait, also some more Dujac, especially the 88 + 89 Morey st Denis, it was genius. Looking forward to more of that, I need to work out what to drink next summer at Aldermaston when the sun is shining and what to toast my first Waggoners carp with? Discovering Medlar Press is costing me too much but is worth it, Casting At The Sun was genius and the Dick Walker book too. We have lost many to the reaper this last year but the two that came to mind straight away were Ahmet Ertegun and Rayner Jessom, there are too few of their like left sadly. Here’s to 2008, I cant wait…..