Caught by the River

Guilt Free Beer

21st May 2008

Been a while since we’ve posted a ‘Caught By The Liver’ so here goes…

Much as I try to live my life as eco-consciously as possible, annoyingly there’s always a concession to be made when it comes to beer, and trying to work out the air miles (beer miles?) that a bottle of Little Creatures Pale has clocked up on it’s way over from Western Australia or an Anchor Steam has notched up whilst winging it’s hoppy way from San Fran is enough to turn anyone to drink (well, that’s my excuse anyway). So, tipping the balance back ever so slightly and helping the planet pint by pint is Adnam’ new East Green beer.

Housed in an innovative lightweight bottle, proudly Carbon Neutral (they offset any emissions made in the bottling process) & pesticide free, East Green is another great beer to add to the Southwold brewery’s small but perfectly formed list, a 4.3% golden ale that made for a very fine Saturday afternoon ‘take the edge off last night’ drink. To paraphrase the great man Tom Sheehan, “very quaffable”. If you happen to be in Southwold, Adnams deliver all their beer by horse and cart round the town, so the only emission there is likely to be a little equine methane. (RT)

Currently available in Tesco or online from Adnams