Caught by the River

Pleasures Of July

31st July 2008

The photography of Justin Partyka
“Coasting” by Jonathan Raban
“Lush Life” Richard Price
The Wire season five on FX
Port Eliot
The Night Life Of Trees

“The Thames Project” Kurt Jackson
Fleet Foxes
“Real Good Lovin’ Man” The Flairs
Primal Scream & Linda Thompson – ‘Over & Over’
The Straight Story OST – Angelo Badalamenti
“One Stolen Moment” Pete Molinari
Laura Marling ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’
The John Baker Tapes Vol One (Trunk)
V/A ‘In The Naked City’ ( killer comp of NY City Soul on Kent)
John Boorman’s ‘The General’
The The “Soul Mining”
“The Dark Knight”
A Mountain Of One “Brown Piano” Studio remix (off ‘Yearbook 2’) – the Balearic revival, at last
Edwyn Collins at the 12 Bar
Nick Cave “The Ship Song”
Frank Gehry at the Serpentine and sailing across the roof of the Hayward
the Watchmen trailer
Gloucester old spot sausages on the barbie
Kasteel Cru lager
Stuart Maconie ‘Pies And Prejudice’
Coombe Hill golf course
Larry Jon Wilson at the 12 Bar
Mumtaz (Indian restaurant in Bradford – possibly the best curry I’ve eaten)