Caught by the River

Pleasures Of June

3rd July 2008

A Saturday afternoon on the river Cam with Robert Macfarlane and friends
Terry Reid “Mayfly”
Al Green “Lay It Down”
Richard Price “Lush Life”
Jay’z intro tape at Glastonbury
Neil Diamond at the 02 (perfect mix of quality and utter cheese)
Dennis Wilson “Pacific Ocean Blue”
Robert Macfarlane “The Wild Places”
Roger Deakin “Waterlog”
Fullers Organic Honey Dew
Young’s Kew Brew
Mountain Of One “Brown Piano” remake by Studio (actually, everything by Studio is doing it for me at the moment, proper Balearic revival!)
Five Dials
Six Bottles
Seven Swans
Iain Sinclair on the Olympics and the supposed regeneration of the East End
M83 “Saturday = Youth”
the trailer for Hellboy 2