Caught by the River

Pleasures Of July (Pure Piscator)

28th July 2008

these are the pleasures of John Henderson of Pure Piscator

Oh Well‘ – Fleetwood Mac
‘Rockferry’ – Duffy
‘Love and Light’ – Proud Mary
‘Live at the Greek’ – Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes
Little Death Orchestra
‘High Hopes’ – from Pink Floyd’s ‘Division Bell’
‘Time changes Everything’ – John Squire
‘She bangs the Drum’ – Stone Roses, just the perfect summer song.

Along Fishermen’s Paths – Mike Winter
Trout Bum – John Gierach (enjoyable even to a fly fishing duffer)
Alan Tomkins’s Blackwater series
Old Abu Cardinals
A recently Paul Cook‘ed Chapman 550
The £6.99 ‘Aldi’ fishing bag
Lily pads in bloom
Messing about in small boats
A friend’s capture of a stupidly monstrous Kennet barbel on a bloody awful, bright blue, glass 70’s Winfield pike rod.
The feeling of ‘release’, that follows the period of sadness, of selling an old car made from sh*tty British Leyland 70’s steel.
Dusty, PP3 eating, Vox Wah pedals
Mini Melton Mowbray pork pies
The men’s singles Wimbledon final
Melancholy Good Fellow
Human Tetris
Tommy Tippees
My daughter at 6 months+