Caught by the River

Caught By The Liver – Gin

6th August 2008

Hot weather drives me to drink. So do a lot of things, but real hot, humid weather makes me want a specific drink. Gin and tonic. Refreshing, cold and with a quick injection of alcohol that instantly washes away the sweaty, cattle like, journey home. An after work cocktail that does the job.

Here are the ones that have been doing it for me. I reckon both are miles better tasting with full fat tonic and plenty of ice, but I’m no expert.

First up, Hendricks

A great Scottish gin, which I’m happy to say, isn’t an oxymoron. Serve with a couple of slices of cucumber. Sounds a bit weird, but I can assure you its delicious.

Also liking Whitley Neill.

Made in Wimbledon, but contains some mad African extracts. (Wild fruit from the Baobab tree amongst others). It tastes similar to a g&t when Angostura bitters have been added. I like it with lime, but wouldn’t turn it away served with lemon. (AW)