Caught by the River

Digging In The Crates

14th August 2008

Some music blogs that we’re loving at the moment… first up, this one’s great, somewhere where you’ll find digitized bits that have been discovered in a branch of Oxfam in Dalston. Brilliantly, most of the music is taken off cassette. Treat yourself to everything from scans of early issues of The Face to Russian trance compilations. Lovefingers is functional and minimal and posts rare bits and bobs of electronic/soul/funk/whatever most days. Daytrotter is fantastic, a great place to go and learn stuff about all the bands that Pitchfork (and subsequently everyone else in the industry) will be talking about in a few months – it looks brilliant too. Their session archive is huge. And finally, I love this site because it seems like the one place on the net where it’s forever 1990. Rave on, web dude! (RT)