Caught by the River

The Sound Of The (British) Summer

7th August 2008

From the good people at The Cloud Appreciation Society… well, we all knew the decent weather couldn’t possibly last forever…

“A CD of nothing but the pitter-patter of raindrops? Have we gone mad?
Absolutely not.
Of course, we know that rain can sometimes be annoying. Like when you are caught in a heavy shower without your umbrella, or when your barbecue is ruined by drizzle. But if you stop complaining about rain for a moment, you will realize that the sound of it is in fact quite beautiful.
Is not each drop a tiny bead of life? The drop’s water is distilled and purified as it is drawn up into the atmosphere by the warmth of the sun. The water coalesces from the minuscule droplets in the middle of rain clouds, where it freezes into ice crystals. Once one of these crystals grows heavy enough to fall, it melts during its descent to form a raindrop. The drop might be torn to smaller pieces by the capricious currents of air, or it might grow by collision as it merges with others until, finally, it lands on the roof of your garden shed. Just one little splash, lost among the millions of others around it.
Lost, that is, until now.
From the rustle of a light shower falling on autumn leaves to the rumble of a distant thunderstorm and the cascade of a torrential downpour, the recordings on our rain CD capture the beautiful and relaxing variety of rain sounds. for you to enjoy warm and dry in the comfort of your home.
The recordings were made in Britain and Australia by professional composer and sound designer, David Pickvance (Member No 10418). The 70-minute CD is not only relaxing and soothing, it also helps focus your attention without the distraction of a melody, making it essential listening for those who need to concentrate on creative tasks. The sound of rain can even help young babies drift off to sleep.
We are confident that Rain, Glorious Rain will soon be top of the CD charts. It is, after all, the first CD ever to be charged with positive ions.”

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